A Journey to Healthy Lifestyle

Boracay in 2012
Boracay Beach in 2013
Years ago I could walk from SM Annex to The Block section, from Cubao MRT to Ali-Mall, from Ayala MRT to Rufino Tower without any complaints of easily feeling tired. Today, taking the stairs from Ayala MRT going to the bus station heading the Fort in Taguig was quite exhausting. 

Weak, Tired and Sleepy! (Photo about 2 years ago)

Now that I'm 35 I noticed the changes in me, physically. I easily get tired and exhausted so I started to modify unhealthy lifestyle and start living a better life!

Enjoying the sun in Boracay (July 2013) Skinny and I don't like it!

My recent trips were focused on visiting organic farms in the country. The exposure has somewhat influenced me to add these non-chemically sprayed, organic vegetable in our family table. About two years ago, I also attended My Spa Diet which talks about the holistic approach of improving one's weight and diet. They had this machine that reads a patient's BMR, weight, fat analysis just to name a few. There was nothing to worry on the results. However, I was advised to eat variety of food, increase water intake, have a regular exercise and take natural dietary food supplement such as Circulan 4 in 1 Soft Gel Capsule which promises good health! It has a perfect combination of four (4) herbal extracts - Hawthorn Berry, Gingko Biloba, Garlic Oil (for blood) and Lemon Balm (for the nerves).

Spelunking in Sumaging Cave, Sagada
Spelunking in Sumaging Cave, Sagada
 Spelunking in Sumaging Cave, Sagada
Spelunking in Sumaging Cave, Sagada (June 2013)

I'm trying to modify unhealthy lifestyle starting with proper diet, limiting my favorite soda and other flavored and sweetened beverages, mouthwatering desserts and easy-to-prepare processed food. I learn to appreciate fresh fruit juices and green leafy vegetables.

Photo I posted on IG during our trip to Penalosa Organic Farm in Bacolod (Sept. 2013)

For desserts, my husband and I have agreed to share one plate or 1 serving, a slice of cheesecake even if it's too small needs to be shared. At home, we follow "vegetable only" for dinner, less fried and oily food, healthy and nutritious breakfast. I think breakfast deserves to be mentioned. I usually start my day just with a cup of coffee followed by light meal for lunch. It then became a bad habit until I developed hyperacidity. Thanks to my loving and supportive husband who kept reminding me to attain my goal of living the right way.

Strolling in Macau, Feb 2013
Strolling in Macau, Feb 2013

Now, we enjoy more time together, traveling together. We would walk around the city of Singapore; ride the cable car then spent hours of leisure walk at Ngong Ping Village in Hong Kong. We love to shop at night markets and savor good food. We experienced snorkeling and survived spelunking in Sumaging Cave.

Helmet Diving in Kota Kinabalu
Helmet Diving in Kota Kinabalu, May 2013

Having Bulalo in Boracay, July 2013

All the while, I thought I could not make it. It's just a matter of trying, conquering your fear and improving self-confidence. Of course, you can only do these if you're happy, physically and mentally fit! Every morning, we try to do some physical exercise, a bit of stretching which improves blood circulation. I need to be physically fit, strong and healthy and prepare for my future children and of course to take care of my husband. 


  1. Singapore is the city full of adventure and knowledge, if you have money play a trip there in order to develop your mental and physical growth because trips are always a good source of mental health.


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