Shopping at Herbench with Globe Rewards

It's been a while since I have slashed through my closet and made a trip to one of my favorite shops. I admit, I'm an impulsive buyer, hehe! But more than clothes, I love to buy home stuff like curtains, new sets of pillow cases, new bathroom rags, home decors, kitchen equipment and furniture! Thankful that husband kept on reminding me to save!

Shopping at Herbench with Globe Rewards

Unfortunately, there are times I can't control spending specially if I have with me this plastic card which the cashier have to swipe and everything's paid! How can I resist! Until I realized I haven't receive anything, not a single point or peso from spending thousands with my credit card? Not to mention that I also pay my bill on or before the due date. Having said that, I thought of services I frequently use which could give value in return, then I learned about Globe Rewards. I've been using Globe Rewards for quite sometime now. Did you know that you actually earn points with every reload? While postpaid subscribers earn points based on their billed amount.

I bet you also received SMS such as this?

Shopping at Herbench with Globe Rewards

The good news is, subscribers can now redeem Globe Rewards in several Globe partner merchants such as Bench/Herbench. To tell you more about it, I personally tried shopping at Herbench store in Megamall using Globe Rewards.

So, I went there alone while husband was attending a business meeting. I tried around ten pieces from blouses, dresses and jeans. Finally, I found 2 blouses and 2 jeans.

 Shopping at Herbench with Globe Rewards

I like it that I don't have to ask if they are accepting Globe Rewards for payment, a huge poster was displayed at the counter. The staff were all friendly, they assisted me and recommended new arrival clothes to fit.

Shopping at Herbench with Globe Rewards
Shopping at Herbench with Globe Rewards

Here's how you can redeem rewards:

Redeem rewards instantly by using Globe Rewards points to pay at partner stores (no more waiting for reward to be delivered) Use rewards points as cash – 1 point = 1 peso

Step 1: Text BAL to 4438  to check your available points

Shopping at Herbench with Globe Rewards

At partner stores, you simply need to

Step 2: Text BUY (space) <10-digit no. of cashier> (space)<points needed> to 4438)

Shopping at Herbench with Globe Rewards
Shopping at Herbench with Globe RewardsShopping at Herbench with Globe Rewards

  • Immediately, you will receive a SMS notification of your successful transaction. (even the unsuccessful ones).
  • The cashier immediately received the payment through Globe Rewards.
  • *The more you use your Globe Prepaid/Postpaid or TM, the more points you earn

Herbench accepted 50 denomination. So, my total bill was P2,555, I paid P2,550 using Globe Rewards and pay P5 in cash. Take note that merchant number may vary so see to it that your sending your rewards properly.

Shopping at Herbench with Globe Rewards

My rewards....  =)

Shopping at Herbench with Globe Rewards

The Globe Rewards is indeed rewarding and convenient to use! I don't need cash to shop for clothes, to buy a snack and watch a movie, even pay my medicine and gas up. Similar to cash, Globe Rewards has been accepted as a form of payment in partner-merchants nationwide. Giving us more ways to enjoy our rewards, Globe implemented a straightforward points-to-peso conversion (1 point = 1 peso).

Husband and I will have a date this coming weekend. This time, I plan to treat him in a movie and dinner date! Of course, I'm not getting money from our weekly expenses and petty cash! lol! sshhh... I'll use my Globe Rewards again! We'll watch a movie at Ayala Cinema and dinner will be at Figaro Coffee.

At present, Globe has partnered with the following companies (with corresponding minimum Globe Rewards points requirements)

  • Ayala Mall Cinemas: 100 points
  • Figaro Coffee Company: 50
  • Wendy’s: 50
  • Petron: 50
  • Enchanted Kingdom: 100
  • Sunglass Hut: 300
  • Rose Pharmacy: 50
  • KFC
You can even share points with family and friends to redeem bigger rewards by texting SHARE <space> 10-digit NUMBER of your friend <space> NUMBER of POINTS to 4438 for only P1 per transaction.

For more info visit: Globe Rewards, click here

Check out my our fun-filled story at Enchanted Kingdom using Globe Rewards.


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