A White Christmas

The last time we visited 168 mall was sometime in January, that is for our wedding supplies. Eight months later, we're revisiting the place in search for Christmas ornaments. With husband's hectic schedule, I really appreciate that he devoted his precious time shopping with me and putting up our first Christmas tree the other night.

A White Christmas
A White Christmas
Where do you think most people buy their Christmas decors? I think best buy would be in Divisoria, 168 mall and the new 999 Mall. Lucky China Mall is also an interesting place for shopping.

We arrived in Divisoria past 12 in the afternoon and since we have to be back home by 3PM, I prepared a list of items we need to buy. Doing that save more time, effort and most importantly, it prevent me from overspending, lol! Although, I would love to stay longer for window shopping I told myself it's just for the Christmas tree and forget about nice bags, shoes and clothes. However, with limited time, I found and bought three (3) casual dresses, (matinik talaga sa shopping-an) lol!

First stop is the 999 mall, located just beside 168 Mall. We saw variety of Christmas trees, there were white and the classic green ones. They also have the washable and the non-washable that looks like a scrub, they call it scotch brie tree. :p

A White Christmas

Christmas trees range from five hundred to thousands of pesos depending on the height and material. For us, a few hundreds for washable which will last for years wouldn't hurt. It's more practical.

A White Christmas

After an hour and so, we found the right Christmas tree! We chose 5 feet, white and washable. It's quite expensive compared to non-washable yet we wanted something that we can use for several years. We bought it at P1,840, in other stall it cost about P2,000-2,300.

A White Christmas

Christmas tree will not be complete without the Christmas balls, lights and poinsettia. We bought two ornaments - large gold balls (shiny and glittered) and poinsettia. Gold balls for 30 pieces cost P250, we asked for discount so we got it at P200. A dozen of poinsettias cost P100. But we saw poinsettia (without glitters) at P5 each. See, you need to look around, compare prices and don't forget to ask for discounts. If they can't bring down the price might as well ask for free item. I remember the Tikoy we bought last February for our wedding giveaway, we bought 100 boxes and got 10 boxes free!

A White Christmas

I guess that's it, we just have to add the Christmas lights. We wanted our Christmas tree simple yet elegant.

A White Christmas

I bring out old decorations I got from last year's Christmas. Actually, I kept those Christmas socks and nice gift wraps from gift packs and event giveaways. A couple of months ago, I started buying pillow cases and curtains for this season. Last year also, I received a box of Christmas dinnerware from Knorr. Finally, I'll be able to use them! I'm excited decorating our house; so excited and happy because it's our first Christmas as husband and wife, praying for little Jonel and/or little Marge to join us next year!

Here's our humble White Christmas tree. Amidst all celebration and merry-making, let's not forget the true meaning of this season.

Our White Christmas Tree

I'll share on this blog cheap finds on Christmas decorations and shopping places as I search for more ornaments and decors for Christmas 2014. Merry Christmas, everyone! How about you, have you started setting up your Christmas tree!


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