Bensimon and Me!

I have more stories on our recent trips in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. This coming vacation , I'm looking forward to writing these stories and tell you what made it extra special. I will show you places we visited, too. Traveling has been my passion and I'm fortunate to meet a partner in life who shares the same interest.

LivingMarjorney on Flickr, Venetian Macau
Venetian Macau
LivingMarjorney on Flickr, Kota Kinabalu Sabah

At home, I have a bag complete with travel paraphernalia which includes a set of toiletries , slippers and my kikay kit (simple face powder, lipstick, moisturizer and toner). Placing them in a separate bag and kept them in a place where I can easily find it, that way it save time and effort for sudden trips.

Aside from slippers, another thingy that I always bring when traveling is a nice pair of sneakers or comfortable shoes. For three years I've been using Sanuk. I'm happy it never disappoint me. Sadly it started to wear off. Sooner or later, I have to get another pair of shoes. I use it when during my first ever spelunking in Sumaguing cave (easy part because you need to remove shoes/slippers on the difficult part of spelunking).

LivingMarjorney on Flickr, Bensimon Sneakers
LivingMarjorney on Flickr, Bensimon Sneakers

I'm glad to meet this new pair of sneakers two weeks ago or so. Hubby and I visited Bensimon headquarters somewhere in Pasong Tamo extension.

LivingMarjorney on Flickr, Bensimon Sneakers

I wear sneakers more often. It has been a favorite comfortable shoes for seven years working in the emergency room. Now that I'm no longer in the area, I still want those sneakers. Moreover, these days I can wear any color I want.

LivingMarjorney on Flickr, Bensimon Sneakers

Bensimon has a solid French heritage, started in the European market and is inspired by travel, military and true Parisian fashion. Bensimon has an array of colors, styles and prints for all -men, women and children. Wow, I can imagine how pretty the whole family including the small ones wearing Bensimon sneakers.

LivingMarjorney on Flickr, Bensimon Sneakers

I got a pretty and vibrant orange color. While others would comment that it's hard to match your outfit with an orange sneaker, I find it stylish. With the color I choose, isn't it promotes individuality? I love the rugged feel of the sneakers. It makes it a perfect footwear in my day to day activities. It's chic and casual. It fit just right on my feet.

LivingMarjorney on Flickr, Bensimon Sneakers
Bensimon and Me!
Well, I should thank Terry S.A (T.S.A), a renowned company who also manages distribution of Havaianas, David and Goliath, Dupe and Pininho for bring Bensimon in the Philippines. Thanks to my husband for introducing the brand to me!

Bensimon sneakers are available at Rustans in Gateway, Makati, Alabang Town Center; Center of Gravity in Forbes Town, Burgos Circle and Centris Walk; Shoe Salon in Glorietta 3, Power Plant Mall Rockwell, Robinson Ermita, Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Trinoma; Shoe Thing (kids style onle: Bonifacio High Street, Eastwood mall and Greenbelt 5).

LivingMarjorney on Flickr, Bensimon Sneakers

Do you also have a pair of Bensimon? Share your #OOTD wearing them, use hashtags #BensimonLandmarks #BensimonPH or you could join my latest giveaway regarding #WearYourPassion and #OOTD, visit this link for more details.

Visit Bensimon's website,

Follow them on Twitter @BensimonPH / Instagram @BensimonPhilippines

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