Jollibee "Noel", A Heartwarming TV Advert

Have you seen the new Jollibee Christmas TVC?

Many of us might have seen this heartwarming Christmas advert on TV presented by Jollibee. The title of the TVC is "Noel". The story is about an OFW who worked and stayed in Qatar for two years and finally came home to be with his family this holiday season. Moreover, he's coming to surprise his kids. On his way to Jollibee, the OFW expressed how much he missed Christmas in the country. The taxi driver shared the same sentiments, five Christmases had passed and he really missed his son who's also working abroad.

Jollibee "Noel", A Heartwarming TV Advert

The TVC is really heart-warming. The conversation between the taxi driver and the OFW was very casual yet you can feel the emotions. Is this the season to be gloomy?

I don't know to you but I'm fond of talking to taxi drivers especially when I'm riding alone. So, I did like how the conversation between the OFW and the taxi driver on the TVC - simple, casual. The TVC shows how compassionate we are, just like in the TVC the OFW invited the lonely taxi driver to join them at Jollibee.

Christmas for many is about festive celebrations, gifts and parties but there are many people crying because of loneliness and missing their families. My parents never leave us to work abroad so I haven't experienced the same degree of sadness, of being separated. But that doesn't mean I don't know what they are going through. I can relate because we had almost the same set-up. When I started college I live independently and we seldom see each other, sometimes once a week, often times during special occasions. One or two members can't make it because of so many reasons.

Going back the Jollibee Christmas TVC, The story within the story was very heartwarming. It's a sentimental story and I'm sure our dear OFWs and their loved ones will cry when they saw it. I have a strong personality but I easily cry over sad movies, stories and news. I was about to cry as I watch it so I simply look at my husband who's also watching the same TVC. Then, I thank the Lord that I have him to share the joy and true meaning of Christmas!

Jollibee "Noel", A Heartwarming TV Advert

How about you? How do you find Jollibee "Noel" TV commercial? How do you cope with Christmas loneliness?

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts, you may leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


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