Urbanears Kransen, In-Ear Headphones

I received  another gadget accessory which inspired me more to do a regular exercise program, Urbanears Kransen.

Urbanears Kransen, by LivingMarjorney

I had Bagis Urbanears earphones in the past. I was able to use it for a couple of months before I passed it on to my cousin. She likes it like I do.

Urbanears Kransen, by LivingMarjorney

Anyway, Urbanears Kransen in-ear headphones comes in a simple, neat and minimalist packaging.  

Urbanears Kransen, by LivingMarjorney

Here's the inside look of the box. The cords are neat wrapped.  

Urbanears Kransen, by LivingMarjorney

It comes with a user manual, warranty and extra sleeves with three sizes (small, medium and large).

I know that you will also like the red or tomato color, it's so pretty and stylish. Not to mention that red is one of the lucky colors in 2014, another one is green. :)

Urbanears Kransen, by LivingMarjorney

The Urbanears Kransen comes with a 3.5 mm stereo plug compatible with most music players. It is made up of a 120 cm or 47'' tangle resistant fabric and TPE cord with Kevlar inside

Urbanears Kransen, by LivingMarjorney

Excited to try my new earphones, I immediately plug it on my BlackBerry Z10, a gift from my husband last Christmas. 

Urbanears Kransen, by LivingMarjorney

Kransen also features SnapConstruction and the CableLoop which allows to wrap up your cord when you're not using your headphones so they won't be hanging down. Initially, I don't know how to place it on my ears but I found out its ergonomically design to stay anchored in your ear when you need to move around. Kransen is perfect while dancing, aerobics and other physical exercises. 

It also comes with a microphone, remote and works well in most smartphones.  

Compared to Bagis, I love the earplug of Kransen which gives a direct sound. I can actually hear all the instruments played on every music track. I enjoy listening to my new CDs aromatheraphy and relaxation

Urbanears Kransen, by LivingMarjorney

Urbanears Kransen, by LivingMarjorney

Another thing, URBANEARS headsets are made up of combined fabric and TPE cord which eliminates distortions caused by frictions. The fabric material are best for users who easily got skin irritation with plastic or rubber material. 

Urbanears Kransen, by LivingMarjorney

Urbanears Kransen Features:
3.5 mm stereo plug compatible with music players. 
120cm or 47'' tangle resistant fabric and TPE cord with Kevlar inside. 
microphone and remote compatible with most devices. 
CableLoop which you can wrap up and fasten in place. 
It comes with sleeves

Urbanears Kransen comes in ten (10) lovely colors and retails at P1,950. You can get them at all Digital Walker branches. 

Urbanears Kransen, by LivingMarjorney
3.5 mm stereo plug


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