BRAVEN, My Kind of Speaker!

Listening to music relaxes both body and soul. Grateful that we have music players, smartphones to keep us company. I like my music loud so I close the doors and all the windows to avoid interrupting and annoying other people of its sound. When I got Braven 710, I know it's my kind of speaker! 

BRAVEN 710, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

I received a Braven 710 HD Wireless Speaker about few weeks ago. I was quite excited to try the new device so I brought it to our short vacation in Panglao Island wanting to spend quiet time in the beach, less social media interaction even TV watching.

It's presented in a pretty and well-secure packaging. Pull the left side and you'll get access to Braven 710, its accessories and user manual on the right side.

BRAVEN 710, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

First impression, it's a versatile speaker! If there are speakers that has extra capabilities such as powerbank and speakerphone, the Braven 710 has it all! The sound is just superb! It works as a portable speakerphone with stunning audio, mobile device charger encased in aircraft-grade aluminum. 

BRAVEN 710, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

I connected all my gadgets so I can use each one at a timeI turned the Braven on and paired with my handset. It was easy, I never had a problem connecting with any of my four gadgets - Starmobile, BlackBerry Z10, MyPhone A888 and Samsung Galaxy Mega. I also paired it with a Samsung Laptop.  

BRAVEN 710, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

When the music started playing, I was amazed on great sound this small Bluetooth speaker can generate! Bravo!

6 watts of stunning audio
Noise canceling speakerphone
1400 mAh Portable Powerbank
IPX5 certified water-resistant splash-proof design
Can last up to 12 hours of play time

I can talk over the phone very clearly with the noise-canceling speakerphone

Moreover, it has IPX5 water resistant splash-proof design so I can bring it in the shower room or in the kitchen - ready to rock, talk and charge. 

BRAVEN 710, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

It is also lightweight and portable. It's like a size of a regular burrito, perhaps size of men's palm. The powerful Braven 710 Portable Speaker is equipped with industry leading aptX encoding for an amazingly clear listening experience; high fidelity audio drivers deliver powerful room-filling sound to your music, media and even conference calls. 

BRAVEN 710, by LivingMarjorney on FlickrBRAVEN 710, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

The battery works good enough for me. Braven 710 can last up to 12 hours of play time. It also acts as a power bank. Simply plug your smartphone or tablet into the speaker for an extra juice of power.

BRAVEN 710, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

For extra boosts and great music experience, you can even pair two Braven 710 speakers together using TrueWireless™ for a bigger sound.

Well, it would be nice if there's a power light that indicates it's on. You also have to press the rubber button quite longer then wait until you hear a clicking sound which means it's on/off.

BRAVEN 710, by LivingMarjorney on Flickr

The plus, minus, power, play are located on the side. Click once the Plus and Minus sign to increase or lower the volume; long press and you'll skip or move to the next music track. Long press on the (-) minus sign and you'll go back to previous song.  

Overall, Braven 710 is such a talented device. It works as an HD Wireless Speaker, a power bank and a speakerphone. It simply Rock, Talk and Charge! 

Suggested retail price is Php7,450. Braven 710 is available at all Beyond the Box, Digital Walker and Digital Hub. 


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