Singapore's Favorite Owl Coffee Now in the Philippines!

A coffee lover learns a lot from coffee cupping. As one of them, it thrills me to taste those I haven't tried before. I'm not sure if I tried Owl Coffee in the past but with a relative in Singapore, I'm sure she brought us Owl Coffee. She's our dear Philippine Ambassador to Singapore and she loves coffee! Most of us in the family are coffee lovers like her. When my husband and I went to Singapore in 2012, I had coffee for breakfast, snack and just before going to bed. I just can't remember if I had Owl. Why am I saying that? Owl Coffee is Singapore’s leading coffee and tea brand. Owl has been brewing fine coffee since 1956.

White Coffee Gula Melaka (Coconut Sugar), by LivingMarjorney
White Coffee Gula Melaka (Coconut Sugar)
Have you tried Owl coffee? You don't have to go to Owl Cafe in Singapore to savor various OWL coffee flavors. Transaxion Unlimited brought Owl in the Philippines and is now available at our leading groceries, supermarkets, convenience stores, and hypermarkets nationwide and you can get it per sachet or buy the whole pack. The launch was held at Cocoon Hotel last week hosted by Tony Toni of Magic 89.9's.

The Coffee Experience!

Who wouldn't love coffee? I've been drinking coffee for more than twenty years now. It started with the simple instant coffee and sugar. Then, creamer were added to the weekly budget. Next, we're using 3-in-1 coffee. About three years ago, I shifted to brewed coffee. No matter how they prepare it, coffee remains to be one of the comfort food for me. I usually consume three (3) cups a day until I changed the habit, decrease coffee intake and added tea in my diet. I make my own milktea at home and have it for breakfast instead of coffee from time to time.

Owl Coffee
What's in the coffee that I like? Well, it's not the black liquid I drink, it's the experience. I like holding a cup of foamy coffee while seated in a corner. I like having coffee when it's cold and raining. I prefer having coffee while blogging. The aroma of coffee awakens my senses, sometimes it removes headache. Do you thing it has pain reliever? Lol! I'm not addicted to it but a cup definitely completes my day. :)

Owl Coffee has several variants. You can easily find what you're looking for because it comes in different colors for you to easily identify.

Nanyang White Coffee Gula Melaka
Nanyang White Coffee Gula Melaka
One of my instant favorite is the Nanyang White Coffee Gula Melaka (green). I like the sweetness of coconut sugar and the creaminess of it. I can make two cups with one sachet.

Nanyang White Coffee, by LivingMarjorney
Nanyang White Coffee
For those who loves their coffee strong, get the (blue) 3-in-1 Coffee Strong, (Authentic Straits Asian Coffee), rich and loving the aroma.

 3-in-1 Coffee Strong
 3-in-1 Coffee Strong
They also have 3-in-1 Instant Coffee Regular Low Fat (light blue)

 3-in-1 Instant Coffee Regular Low Fat
 3-in-1 Instant Coffee Regular Low Fat
On my next grocery trip, I will look for the OWL Kopi-C with "C" referring to evaporated milk. They said it's a velvety smooth coffee.

KOPI Siew Day (Kopitiam Roast) creamy and less sweet/sugar.

KOPI Siew Day, by LivingMarjorney
KOPI Siew Day
For tea, they have Teh Tarik which comes in a tall sachet.

Owl Teh Tarik, by LivingMarjorneyOwl Teh Tarik, by LivingMarjorney

I also like Owl Ginger Honey, soothing to the throat. It is available in a 18g x 20 sachets x 20 packets.

Owl Ginger Honey
Owl Ginger Honey

With Owl Coffee, everyday is just a different coffee experience. I have spent many successful years over coffee - college years, reviewing for board exam, reporting to duty in the hospital. Today, coffee keeps me awake as I finish my online job. I'm happy as long as I have coffee in the morning. How about you? What's you coffee story?

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