Fight Teeth Sensitivity with Sensodyne

Are you suffering from teeth sensitivity? First, let me differentiate pain and teeth sensitivity. Pangingilo usually felt when you drink/eat hot or cold food. The sensitivity though doesn't stay longer unlike toothache. They say 9 out of 10 Filipinos are suffering from pangingilo or teeth sensitivity. 

Say No To Ngilo! with Sensodyne

Brushing using regular toothpaste alone will not treat pangingilo and because we have a huge population suffering from teeth sensitivity, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), in collaboration with the Philippine Dental association (PDA), started an advocacy to fight against sensitive teeth/pangingilo in the “Say No to Ngilo” Campaign. Offering information campaign and proactive efforts to improve oral health care in the country, including the help of 2,000 dentists who have committed to fight against dentine hypersensitivity through educating their patients on proper oral hygiene and using effective tools to combat pangingilo.

Most of us are familiar with Sensodyne, a popular brand for teeth sensitivity. However, some of us think that this toothpaste brand is quite expensive thus we endure the discomfort and deprived ourselves of our  ice cream and drinking our favorite cappuccino.

Luis Manzano, Sensodyne Brand Ambassador
Luis Manzano, Sensodyne Brand Ambassador
Sensodyne: Say No To Ngilo Campaign
During the event, we met the brand's latest ambassador, Luis Manzano. The actor shared his experience suffering from teeth sensitivity. Today, he's enjoying the food he eats, cold and hot beverages without any discomfort.

How Sensodyne Works: 

Sensodyne contains NovaMin technology proven to help repair sensitive teeth by forming a tooth-like layer over exposed dentine. Sensodyne Rapid Relief contains strontium acetate, an element similar to calcium. The strontium in Sensodyne Rapid Relief replaces some of the calcium lost from dentine and blocks the exposed tubules within dentinal tissue. This prevents the flow of the fluid within the tubules that would otherwise cause tooth pain.

Sensodyne is available in different variants like Fresh Impact, Fresh Mint, Gum Care and Repair.

"Say No To Ngilo!" 

P10 Sensodyne Sachet!
P10 Sensodyne Sachet! 
Affordable P10 Sensodyne Sachet!

Sensodyne has provided solutions to our sensitive teeth. As a number one brand and most recommended by dentists against pangingilo, GSK commits to make every Filipino sensitivity-free and launched Sensodyne sachets for only P10. It's more accessible and affordable and are now available at most leading sari-sari store and supermarkets. 


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