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Ladies, it's time to love the beauty within us! We are beautiful when our strengths shines on whatever difficulties we are facing. 

After the operation, I noticed my tummy huge and bloated. I'm fond of wearing fitted clothes. Just before I got hospitalized, I bought three lovely fitted dresses from Forever21. I thought I cannot wear them anymore. The sudden change in physical appearance was quite scary but then I realized it's not significant. Being healthy without any medical condition is more important. Although sometimes, life may be difficult but if we're surrounded with loving friends and family, there's nothing to worry. Remember, we can only enjoy life if we accept and love ourselves.

I am Beautiful
Photo taken 2 weeks after abdominal surgery
We are all beautiful in our special ways. It's high time that we should inspire other women to embrace their real beauty and with the help of Dove, I know we can make it!

Here's sharing a short film, Dove: Patches.

Help increase the 7% statistics by watching and sharing the video to your loved ones, friends and readers. When you're down, pick yourself up and show the world how beautiful you are! Together, we can help women realize that feeling beautiful comes from within. 

#RealBeauty #IamBeautiful 


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