Shakey's, Throwback and Pizza 1954

There's a lot of great memories at Shakey's Pizza in Makati. It's the branch my late dad and I used to hangout on a Saturday afternoon. He will order my favorite Chicken n Mojo and Manager's Choice and we'll watch the television. I still remember Shakey's had a big TV that time. 

Fast forward 2014, my recent visit at Shakey's Katipunan reminded of the memories and good times with dad. Oh how I miss him especially now that I'm into some sort of heartaches. With mom by my side, I'm still fortunate. 

Shakey's, Throwback and Pizza 1954
Shakey's Katipunan

Back to Shakeys, it was indeed a Throwback Thursday afternoon as the brand celebrates it's 60th year in the market. It was in 1954 when Shakey's Pizza Parlor was launched in America. Years have passed and Shakey's grew and continues to innovate. In the Philippines, the first Shakey's branch was opened in 1975 in Makati.

Shakey's, Throwback and Pizza 1954

Shakey's, Throwback and Pizza 1954

This year, Shakey's introduces yet another amazing innovation with the latest addition to their line-up of scrumptious dishes. The new Shakey's Pizza 1954 joins other beloved products such as Chicken 'N Mojos, pasta, world-famous thin crust pizza and hand-tossed versions

Shakey's, Throwback and Pizza 1954
Fries, Buffalo Wings and Onion Rings
A plate-ful of buffalo wings, Belgian fries and Calamari crunch.

Shakey's, Throwback and Pizza 1954
Shakey's Pizza 1954 Media Launch at Shakey's Katipunan
New addition to the menu includes, American salad and fun mixes Lemon Cucumber cooler which is refreshingly good and healthy and the Mixed Berry Slush but I have yet to try.

Shakey's, Throwback and Pizza 1954
Lemon Cucumber cooler
Shakey's Pizza 1954
Shakey's Pizza 1954

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Shakey's Pizza 1954 (Php450) is so tasty! It's made with fresh rosemary and basil leaves, juicy morsels of Italian sausage, Angus beef, slices of pepperoni, 100% Mozzarella cheese, savory red onions and a sprinkling of Parmesan on on a bed of soft gourmet dough crust. Try it and see for yourself!


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