1st International Business Summit on Mindanao

Unity For Revival Foundation is all set for the First International Business Summit on Mindanao happening tomorrow, Saturday June 28 at the Manila Hotel.  

1st International Business Summit on Mindanao

The event will be attended by business leaders all over the world. In line with the vision "RESTORE THE LOST GLORY OF MINDANAO", the summit aims to showcase Mindanao to the world business community and to encourage global investors as well as businessmen to personally interact with local community leaders and entrepreneurs.

The recent signing of the much awaited and historic Bangsamoro Agreement has tremendously enhanced the investment climate of Mindanao and has paved the way both for domestic and international investors, businessmen and entrepreneurs.

This event, which is the first and front-runner summit on Mindanao, will be attended by both local and international investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and other organizations which have an immense interest in further developing Mindanao as a core business region. The panelists to the summit will include, but not limited to, persons and entities which have more than enough exposure and experiences about Mindanao and have plans of further improving the overall development of the region.

Mindanao, with its rich mineral resources, ecological value, human talents and skills, and economic potentials was, in the past, regarded as one of the richest regions not only in the Philippines, but in the whole world. But events changed the prosperity once enjoyed by Mindanao and its people.  Diversities led to divisions and the unity of the people of Mindanao in the past was disrupted by selfish motives.  Business was corrupted by the desire to make profits in dishonorable ways and means. The rich became richer and the poor became poorer.

However, recent events have altered this unwanted environment.  With globalization, Mindanao has started to change for the better. Mindanao is now stable and ready to cultivate and nourish intensive and harmonious business links and investment tie-ups with the global community.

Summit organizer, Unity For Revival Foundation (URF) Chairman Shariff Ibrahim Albani is confident that, with the active and productive participation of various sectors in the summit, bright and achievable ideas will emerge to make Mindanao Progressive and United once again!

I will be sharing more about the summit on this blog so stay tuned!

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