Love is Imperfect

Lately, I noticed a sudden change in my body. Dry hair and skin, an alarming weight lost, lost of appetite and sleepless nights. Have you noticed the eye-bags?

I'm not perfect and I always ask myself "What else must I do to become a better person".

Currently 42 kilos from 38 kilos last wk 
I found rest and strength in the Lord and now I'm slowly going back to things that matters most. First, loving myself! "It's not other people's job to love you; it's yours!" says Marc and Angel. Certainly true! "It would be great to be nice to others, but it's more important to be nice to yourself", they added.

I also found these suggestions, one of them is from Dr. Phil.
  • Sometimes you need to distance yourself physically. 
  • Remember "You are entitled to a peaceful life"
  • You're certainly entitled to protect yourself, your loved ones, your marriage, and keep strong boundaries.
We don't deserve to look awful and unattractive although sometimes we have no control on things that's happening. We just have to see the good in it and stay positive. Now I eat on time and trying to increase my usual small appetite. I eat the food I like since my goal is to gain weight. Anyway, it's okay to have variety of food but not too much on sweets and caffeine rich beverages. I asked a dear friend to send me e-books about healing and relationship. Thank you! You know who you are.

Thank you Auntie & Uncle for sending a can of Ensure
I stepped to the shower room and use my all-time favorite products, even tried new ones that arrive in the mail some few weeks ago. 

Messy Bessy Kiwi Lemon
I got the Messy Bessy Natural Hand and Body Wash from a recent event. I'm a fan of liquid soaps so I tested it. I like the kiwi lemon scent it leaves on my skin after bath. The soap cleanse my skin very well. There's no greasy, irritating feeling afterwards. Messy Bessy has moisturizer so I don't have to apply body lotion unless I go out for personal errands or attending events.

You will be delighted to find a lot of Messy Bessy home and personal care products. I'm excited with the Lavander Linen Spray and the Odor Absorber Spray, I will try it when I get my strength back and do the usual general cleaning. Visit their website at for more information.

Dove Products
Dove is Love because I truly love their products from soap, shower cream to hair care products. Using dove shampoo and conditioner, my hair so soft, silky and smells really great. The first time I went to Hong Kong, my luggage was full of huge bottles of Dove shampoos and Conditioners no other beauty products just Dove. 

Clean & Clear Essentials

Few weeks ago, I received this new product of Johnson and Johnson Clean & Clear Essentials. It comes in three variants - Fruit Essentials Brightening Lemon, Essentials Foaming Facial Wash and Fruit Essentials Energizing Berry.

The new Clean & Clear Essentials washes away dirt and oil that clogs on our face. It has mild scent except for the Energizing Berry which I find overly scented. The brightening Lemon and Energizing Berry has bursting beads that helps removes dirt yet won't clog pores. Next, the Foaming Facial Wash helps prevent pimples, oily shines and blackheads. I still have to try it if it works on my skin type. Among the three, I personally like the Fruit Essentials Brightening Lemon which has lemon extracts that brightens skin.  I've been using Clean & Clear Essentials for more than a week now, so far it's gentle on my skin.

at Freshaire Salon
From now on I will try to stop being stuck in anger and disappointments and start learning how to forgive and go on.

Letter from my niece, Bianca (three weeks ago)
Three weeks ago, I received this letter from my niece, Bianca. There's me, Eukie and Bianca. I was laughing because she even draw the bandage on my tummy. It actually looks like a ribbon but she told me it's the post-op wound. Lol!

It's time to stop thinking over and over again how I felt disregarded, instead I will focus on bringing back self-respect and self-worth. It's also time to stop worrying and start making right choices. Because Love is Imperfect, loving ourselves is the key to loving others. 


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