Coffee Masterclass with Eric Conlin

One Friday afternoon, hubby and I enjoyed leisure walk along BGC on our way to ALESSI Concept Store for the Coffee Masterclass with Eric Conlin. 

Alessi Concept Store, BGC High Street
Alessi Concept Store, BGC High Street

Just like other couples, there are things we love doing together. But we also have differences. I'm a coffee person, he's not. He can survive a day without having a drop of coffee. I can't! I came from a big family who loves coffee. It's with a cup of coffee that we enjoy discussing nonsense to serious family matters. It doesn't matter if the coffee is local or imported, it's the personal experience that becomes memorable.

You have no idea how we argue lovingly each time I exceeded two cups of coffee a day. Sometimes he would ask for my stocks of coffee grounds, get one from my collection of coffee mugs, tumbler, pour over coffee sets and all other coffee paraphernalia. It's hard to let go and he can't easily convince me to give up on these unless he treats me to another cup of coffee. One cup of coffee in exchange to one pack of coffee beans. 

Surprisingly, there are days he would ask a cup of coffee for breakfast instead of the usual warm glass of milk.

I don't know what's in a coffee that makes it special. One thing's for sure, it's the personal experience of drinking coffee, catching up with loved ones and friends in a nice coffee shop. 

I've attended several talks about coffee - coffee and food pairing, there's coffee art class. I also learned about organic coffee in Sagada and Bacolod. About a week or so I went to Coffee Masterclass with Mr. Eric Conlin. He was introduced as a coffee expert, certified Q Graders in the country.

What is a Q Grader? They are professional cupper certified by the Coffee Quality Institute, an international organization that regulates the system of grading specialty coffee according to its quality.

Because not all coffee tastes the same, Eric started talking about coffee origin - Ethiopia, Columbia, Asia. He also shared coffee processing methods (dry and wet) and roasting. 

Eric said, "There’s much to understand in the appreciation of coffee — the preparation, the timing, the technique, the taste". He added, “You’re supposed to enjoy and savor it.”

Eric organizes coffee appreciation sessions in a cozy space in their Bonifacio High Street boutique, ALESSI where people can stay and have coffee, Conlins is bringing the love of coffee to people one cup at a time.

Using manual pour-over drip, we're lucky to taste one of the most expensive coffee in the world. Expensive Panama coffee costs P20,000 per kilo. It has smooth-floral and citrusy flavor. I like it but I still prefer full-bodied, with a hint of chocolate type of coffee.

Eric uses Hario V60 filtercone, it has a large drip hole and so requires a slow and steady pour to maintain the thermal mass of the coffee and draw out the infusion time.

Came next were Costa Rica, Columbia, Ecuador and El Salvador coffees.  

He also encourage us to use a pour-over drip instead of regular coffee maker to experience great tasting coffee. A pour-over kit is available a few hundred pesos to thousands. 

These coffee beans and coffee paraphernalia are available at Alessi Concept Store in BGC, High Street.

with Mr. Eric Conlin

Everyone deserves a rich, delicious coffee at the comfort of their home. So, why don't you try making one using a pour-over drip. Maybe, you should come and visit my humble abode and allow me to prepare a delicious cup of coffee for you!

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