Made My Own Oishi Snack at Oishi SnackTacular

Oishi celebrated its 40th Anniversary in a fun-filled event held at New Glorietta Activity Center last July 5 and 6. Few weeks before the SnackTacular event, we received this huge Oishi bag filled with Oishi Sweet & Spicy Potato Fries, Barbeque & Cheese, Wasabi & Ketchup. And because I'm a big fan of Oishi prawn crackers, Choco Chugs and Oishi Ridges, I would not want to miss the O wow! afternoon!

Husband Jonel and I arrived early so we're first to try the activities. At the Oishi Snack Shack you can get any of your favorite Oishi products for only P295 and place it inside a pretty big Oishi bag, like this one ...

Jonel and I love Oishi Choco Chug, we added few packs of Oishi Cereals - Fruity rings and Honey Crimpies. Of course, we strike a pose after shopping.

Celebrity guests and Oishi endorsers Elmo Magalona, Ramon Bautista and Slater Young graced the event. Just like us, the three shopped at the Oishi Snack Shack booth.

Ramon Bautista tried the trampoline, jumped happily!

Next booth was the Oishi Cracters. You just have to answer easy questions such as "What would you do if you're a millionaire?", my answer was "go shopping with family and friend! The result revealed that I'm a kind of Millionaire Traveller Potato Chip, lol!

Next was our favorite section, the Oishi O Twirl. Here, you'll get ice cream made up of Oishi Oaties Milk and Oishi Choco Chug. My favorite was the oaties ice cream while husband had so much choco chug flavor twirl.

Ice cream was made more special with a choice of Oishi snacks toppers. Choose from Oishi Wafu, Pillows, Sponge Crunch and Wheat Niks. I had the Ube filled Pillows and Wafu. Jonel tried it with Mocha Wheat Niks which goes well with the chocolate twirl.

Last but not the least, the Oishi Create Your Own Snack booth. There's so much Oishi products to choose that you can create your own Oishi Snack. I had Oishi Ridges and Potato Fries mixed with Cheese and Ketchup. I also customize my oishi bag of potato snack with my blog's name, LivingMarjorney.

Team O! on stage.

Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia and Rhian Ramos

Seats For Two at the audience/VIP area munching our favorite Oishi potato snacks.

The crowd went wild when Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla (Kathniel) arrived.  

Here's a short video of Daniel Padilla singing "Kamusta Ka" at #OishiSnackTacular event.

Kathniel - Kathryn and Daniel

Indeed, O Wow SnackTacular Sunday afternoon with Team O, Kathniel plus a huge crowd and fans. Happy 40th Anniversary Oishi!

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