Valor: A Chocolaty Breakfast

We love breakfast, because it gives us chance to stay long in our favorite spot at home - the dining area. We love to spend long hours specially when there's no need to go out. Then, we would talk a lot of things ~ about us, our work, the events we recently attended, people we met, food we would like to try, traveling, future plans, parenting etc.

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato

I usually wake up two-three hours earlier than Jonel to prepare our first meal of the day. Although, there were days I ran out of ideas so we ended up having flat bread served with unsalted butter, jam or scrambled eggs. Brewed coffee for me and just warm water for him.

One of his favorites is freshly cooked pancake. During rainy days, rich champorado or oatmeals are present. I seldom cook fried rice, tapa, longganisa, sausages or bacon. He prefers plain bread and often choosy of spreads.

Valor Chocolates

Valor Chocolates

One morning, I served him his favorite simple loaf and some warm ensaymada I bought at Makati Shangri La after attending a bloggers' event. Set the table with several spreads - Dari Creme butter, strawberry jam, Bohol Bee Farm's malunggay spread and the latest addition, a jar of Valor's Hazelnut choco-spread, a gift from a friend. To my surprise, he opened the jar of Valor, scoop a rich, chocolaty spread on top of ensaymada. I was wondering how it would taste like. Remember my IG post of a bowl of champorado topped with banana? My husband is so adventurous. Going back to the ensaymada, it was pretty good, a little sweet.

Valor Chocolates

Valor Hazelnut choco-spread was added to our favorite breakfast spread then. We love that it's not too sweet because it has no sugar added.  It's rich and creamy. I'm sure he will try it with bananas.

Valor Chocolates

Valor Chocolates originate in Spain. Their cacao beans comes from three of the world’s finest sources: Ghana for the Forastero variety, an intense cacao that gives depth to flavor; Ecuador for the Guayaquil variety, one of the most aromatic; and Panama for the Trinitario variety that gives a fruity note to the intense aromatic flavor.  These cacao beans travel 12,000 miles to Valor’s central factory in Villajoyosa Spain.

Valor Chocolates

While brewing Starbucks coffee, I started prepping my own sandwich. Simple and straightforward - flat bread with generous spread of Valor Hazelnut choco-spread.

Valor Chocolates

Valor Chocolates

Valor Chocolate continues to innovate and now offers sugar-free products sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener derived from a plant originating in South America. It's 15 times sweeter than sugar but with zero glycemic index. Indeed, Valor sugar-free chocolates are pure guilt-free indulgence.

Valor Chocolates

Chocolate makes us feel good, they say it boosts one's mood. Husband kept reminding me about his diet regime but sometimes I would see him standing beside the fridge snapping chocolates. Chocolates are truly irresistible! It remains to be one of our favorite sweets.

Those handy Neapolitans gave me extra energy when I was stranded in the traffic few days ago. My favorite was the Chocolate Negro 70% and the Chocolate Puro (pure). Have you tried any flavor of Valor Chocolates?

Valor Chocolates

One at a time, I will try these chocolate bars starting with Dark Chocolate Mousse with Truffle followed by Milk Chocolate with Wafer. 

Valor Chocolates are available in Premium chocolate bars, Sugar Free plain chocolates -

  • Dark, 70% Dark, Milk; Sugar Free chocolates with nuts
  • Whole Marcona Almonds and Whole Hazelnuts
  • Creamy sugar free chocolate mousse and more! 

These are available in leading supermarkets, department stores, drugstores and other retailers nationwide. Explore Chocolates Valor’s at

Just like the old saying, life is like a box of chocolate...Valor is set for a whole lot of chocolate and they just know what we like! Chocolates Valor is definitely one of the sweetest gifts I received this month.

Valor Chocolates


  1. Mom bought valor hazel nut choco spread

    At the lower corner of the bottle
    It says that it was
    Best before the end of (13 02 15)
    Is it already expired? I taste it before i've seen the date and it still taste good. I need some expert advise here. Thanks.


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