My First Sample Room Products

I joined Sample Room several months ago but I always find a hard time to place an order until last week. While browsing their portal, my eyes caught the VIP Sample Room Mate and I thought of getting one to increase my points so I can purchase more! Shopingera indeed!

VIP Sample Room
My First Sample Room Products

What is VIP Sample Room Mate? You can be a VIP Sample Room Mate by purchasing points (1,000 points = P699). The points you purchased will be added to your current points which you can use to purchase products from the Sample Room. Just take note that the points you purchased is valid for two (2) months only.

VIP #SampleRoom

Of course, I consulted my dear hubby if he thinks it's the best time to get a VIP Sample Room. Don't get me wrong, he's not manipulative and I can decide on my own especially when it comes to personal care. However, I have to tell him because each time he kisses and hugs me, he notices if I applied something on my skin. 

The next thing, I got one (1) VIP Sample Room Mate! After 24 hours, my purchased 1,000 points was added to my account so I started shopping. Guess what are the first three products on my shopping bag? It's the Dial Coconut Water bar soap, Himalaya Neem Face Pack and Mores White Booster. Let me start with Dial Coconut water bar soap.

I was curious how #DialCoconutWater body wash and soap smells so I decided to get the bar soap instead of the huge bottle just to try it. When I opened the box from Sample Room, it reminded me of the balikbayan boxes full of imported soaps our dear auntie Thess sent us. I was excited I immediately went to the bathroom to try it. It delights me knowing it's a glycerin soap. Hubby uses only that kind of soap so I knew he will like it. 

Dial Coconut Water 40 points on Sample Room

Dial has coconut water and bamboo leaf extract. It forms a foamy lather and leaves a refreshing scent on my skin. Even our bathroom smells clean! In addition, I like that it doesn't leave a sticky feeling even if you're outdoor and sweating.

Review: Dial Coconut Water

Will I buy #DialCoconutWater? For sure! I love the scent and it cleans my skin well. I'm glad it doesn't even dry my skin. Hubby said, he likes it too!

Himalaya Neem Face Pack Review
you need 20 points for this

Another product included inside my #SampleRoom box is the Himalaya Neem Face Pack. Why I tried it? I was searching for face pack when I saw Himalaya on sample room. It contains Neem,  known for its purifying and antibacterial properties. It also has Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti) that soothes, cools the skin and improves skin textures. I thought it would be great for hubby's sensitive skin, I forgot I was looking for a face pack for myself. 

How to use Himalaya Neem Face Pack: 
Wash and dry face and neck. Gently apply Himalaya Neem Face Pack. I leave it for 10-15 minutes and removed it with wet clothe or sponge. You can also wash your face if you desire.

I tried it for a week (used twice a week) and noticed that it minimized the pores. It also cleans and removes blackheads.

Mores White Booster Review
90 Sample Room points for Mores White Booster 

Last but not the least on my Sample Room box is the raved brightening product from Thailand, the Mores White Booster. First, let me tell you I'm not using any whitening products at the moment. I'm contented with my fair skin. When I saw Mores Whitening, I was excited to try it. I just wanted to see for myself if it really works. I tested Mores White Booster for a week, using twice a day, morning and evening. On the third day, hubby noticed my skin (face) lighten and blooming so I decided to continue without telling him I'm testing a new product. On the 7th day, I personally noticed the effect. Mores reduced dark spots on my forehead caused by pimples, recent facial treatment and improves skin tone. 

Posted a week before I started using Mores White Booster & Himalaya Face Pack

Taken today at #NegrosTradeFair

Maybe, husband was trying to tease me or should I need a new pair of prescription contact lenses and eyeglasses? 

Mores White Booster Review
Mores White Booster Review
I love its mild scent. It easily dries and absorb by the skin. Mores White Booster doesn't leave a sticky feeling. Most of all, it's non-irritating. Now, I'm thinking if I should get the full size.

Mores White Booster Review

What do you think of my #recentfavorites? Have you tried any of the above products? Want to grab a sample, visit today! 


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