Bulgogi Brothers 3-Way Korean Shabu-Shabu

I had a delicious noodles when I visited Bulgogi Brothers several months ago. It's been a while since then until a couple of weeks ago, I was invited to check out Bulgogi Brothers' 3-way Shabu-Shabu in Glorietta 5

Bulgogi Brothers Greenbelt 5

Bulgogi Brothers Korean Side Dishes, Banchan
Bulgogi Brothers Korean Side Dishes, Banchan
I always look forward to Bulgogi Brothers side dishes, banchan. We had fresh salad, kimchi, pickled eggplant. The sweet potato, quail eggs and corn are my all-time favorites.

I started with a glass of refreshing calamansi drink. They also served us Galbi Tang, clear soup made of beef short ribs. You can add chili sauce for your liking.

Bulgogi Brothers Galbi Tang
Bulgogi Brothers Galbi Tang

Bulgogi Brothers 3-Way Korean Shabu-Shabu 

Available in three (3) flavours that will truly satisfy your Shabu-Shabu experience. You have the option to choose what meat goes into the hotpot. 

Beef and Veggies (P695), beef bulgogi on a garden of leeks, peppers, cabbage, bean sprouts and mushrooms. 

Ham and Sausage (P795), a blend of American and Korean flavors with ham, sausage, cabbage, bean sprouts, mushrooms and gochujang (Korean hot chili paste)

Mixed Seafood (P995), a plate of fresh and plump clams, blue crab, mussels and squid 

Here's my 3-Way Shabu-Shabu experience.

Option 1:
The meat, vegetable and other ingredients are beautifully placed onto the pot. Bulgogi Brothers 3-Way Korean Shabu-Shabu started with the server pouring a tasty broth onto the pot. 

Bulgogi Brothers 3-Way Korean Shabu-Shabu
Bulgogi Brothers 3-Way Korean Shabu-Shabu

Simmer for few minutes and served.

Bulgogi Brothers 3-Way Korean Shabu-Shabu
Option 1: Bulgogi Brothers 3-Way Korean Shabu-Shabu
The Mixed Seasfood Shabu-Shabu was very tasty and delicious. It was hot and spicy but you may request to adjust the level of spiciness according to your tolerance.

Option 2:
Next, a plate of Ramyun noodles arrives. We were encouraged to experience cooking Shabu-Shabu by tossing the noodles together with the meat and other veggie and create a delightful pot of Ramyun noodles.

Bulgogi Brothers 3-Way Korean Shabu-Shabu
Option 2: Adding Ramyun Noodles
Option 3:
The last step is where the server creates a tasty rice porridge called "juk" from the same Shabu-Shabu broth with Korean rice topped with seaweed, vegetables and egg. It was truly a satisfying spicy dish.

Option 3: juk

Among the three, I prefer the last one, the "juk". Maybe because it has all the ingredients from step 1 to 3 - the Ramyun noodles, the flavors of meat and vegetables blended together creating a delicious Shabu-Shabu.

Here's a clear picture of what you will be getting when you order Shabu-Shabu.

Mixed Seafood Shabu-Shabu

Moreover, Bulgogi Brothers opens another branch in Glorietta 2. I have yet to see the store and looking forward to dine-in with hubby. They will be adding more outlets in Newport Mall very soon.

Bulgogi Brothers
Greenbelt 5, Mall Of Asia, Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 2. Opening soon Newport Mall


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