Creature Fest at Resorts World Manila

This Halloween, Resorts World Manila presents the Creature Fest exhibit at the ground floor of the Newport Mall until November 2. On our recent trip at RWM, I saw frightening creatures, monsters, warriors, dragons, and a whole lot more for a truly spooktacular toys for the Halloween.

Marvel’s Green Goblin and Venom, Drake and Reaper Maquette from the movie Blade, an Uruk-Hai orc soldier and the legendary Balrog from The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, the Predator, and a life-sized statue of Star Wars’ villain Darth Malgus.

One of my favorites are the cute LEGO® dioramas depicting Trick or Treat and a Haunted Medieval Village along with other LEGO® models such as the Ghost Train, Ghostbusters in New York, Modular Arkham Assylum, and other spooky Halloween d├ęcor. 

RWM’s Creature Fest exhibit was made possible with the help of Carlo Ople of Unbox, Ren Cayetano of Maxicollector, Jay Sia of Halimaw Sculptures, and the Philippine LEGO® Users Group and LEGO® Ambassadors.

For more information, visit Resorts World Manila at or call the Tourist/Visitor Hotline at (02) 908-8833.


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