What's Your 'Sarap Ng #LutongNanay' Story?

I can cook but it's different when somebody prepares my food - mom, grandma, auntie and the hubby. Few months ago I experienced this special treatment when others cook for me. I was still recuperating from surgery then.

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy
Ginataang Manok with Sayote and Malunggay using Knorr Ginataang Gulay Mix / Recipe soon at SeatsForTwo.com

I'm so grateful my parents has thought me how to work in the kitchen at an early age. It started with cooking rice the traditional way, not using rice cooker. Cooking became our bonding moments. She taught me a lot of recipes and I remember being so eager to learn every dish. At 12, I can cook sinigang. I know how to clean fish, removing all its internal organs and scales without hitting a part that could cause bitterness. Others fear frying  and cooking fried chicken, it was then one of my favorite. I find it easy to cook pritong manok.

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

Today, research shows almost 80% of young people aged between 23-27 admitted they cannot cook. Some of my single and married friends belong to the percentage. Every time we meet and talk about food, our home and the kitchen, they shared how difficult for them to cook, I wonder why.

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

The top two reasons mentioned by respondents on why they do not cook as often:

  1. lack of confidence 
  2. inadequate knowledge about recipes
I believe these people still aspire to be great cook or at least learn to prepare a decent meal for their families. However, it is not always easy. One because the decreasing confidence was coupled with the increasing demands on time. I agree! I also feel the same way. There were days, I ran out of time preparing a yummy dish. But I found a great way to manage time, work, other things, personal needs and cooking.

Here are some cooking tips that might also work for you:

  • Plan your recipe in advance. 
  • You can create a daily/weekly or even monthly meal plan complete from breakfast to midnight snack. 
  • If you ran out of recipes, you can rely on cook books and food magazines. 
  • Early morning upon waking up, take out of the freezer the frozen meat you'll be needing for the dish.
  • Make it a habit to check your fridge for stocks. Sometimes it become so frustrating to prepare your planned meal when you found out the ingredients are lacking. You ended up opening a can of corned beef or sardines or a pack of noodles.
  • While watching your favorite morning TV show, you can start preparing the ingredients. For example, prepare 'talbos ng malunggay' while chatting with the husband or children. 

“Home-cooking is in decline but Knorr is fighting back here in the Philippines to inspire and help moms create the wonder of their flavor, and build lifelong family bonds,” declares Oliver Sicam, Unilever’s Marketing Director for Foods.

Knorr is determined to make mom-cooked flavor matter again by inspiring you to cook more at home and by showing how mom-cooked flavors are the real key to the powerful bonds mothers yearn to build with their loved ones. 

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

Launched last November 20, Knorr “Sarap ng #LutongNanay” Movement make sure that meals prepared by moms remain an integral part of home life, so that strong family bonds continue to move the world forward. Hosted by Christine Jacob-Sandejas, real moms joined Knorr and celebrity mom Carmina Villaroel as they celebrated the love for mom’s cooking at the kick-off of the "Sarap ng #LutongNanay" movement. Together with fellow mom influencers Dimples Romana, Delamar Arias, Pia Guanio and Danica Sotto, Carmina calls moms to spend a day bringing back their passion for cooking and sharing the importance of home-cooked meals with fellow moms. 

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

Danica preparing Pork Sinigang sa Pakwan

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

Celebrity moms shared their cooking experiences. It was then followed by an exciting cook-out where moms recreated classic Filipino dishes with a twist. We were divided into four groups, I was included to team Danica Sotto. She prepared a delicious and healthy pork sinigang with a twist by adding pakwan (watermelon).

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy
Front row: In lovely blue dress, Ms. Jane Uymatiao / Bright Red outfit, Ms. Noemi Dado

Just when I thought the event was over, we were surprised by a wonderful dinner prepared by Knorr and Bridges PR. From one function room we then transferred to the huge area of Blue Leaf Pavilion where a sumptuous dinner awaits us. 

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

I love the seafood Kare-Kare

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy
 with blogger friends Ruth and Ryan

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy
From left to right: 
Delamar Arias, Dimples Romana, Pia Guanio, Danica Sotto and Mina Villaroel

Follow Knorr Philippines on Facebook. For recipes you can make for your families and share with fellow moms, visit www.knorr.com.ph.

Franco , Ruth, Lou, Stonibert and Ryan

Knorr:  Sarap Ng #LutongNanay by MarjorieUy

There were a lot of invitations that day, twelve to be exact, confirmed to three but attended only two. Sorry to those I can't accommodate because of the heavy traffic and some personal reasons. Simply because I love of cooking I decided to attend Knorr "Sarap ng Lutong Nanay" Movement launch which empowers Filipino moms.

Tara, luto tayo!


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