Few months ago Dove published another film entitled "Legacy" which encourages every women to create their own beauty legacy, sharing how they felt about themselves, about their bodies.

Please watch this video....

Being a Woman in Digital, it breaks my heart to find out that only 7% of Filipina women see themselves as beautiful (Dove revealed in December 2013). But Dove continue encouraging women to fully embrace their #RealBeauty since its inception in 1957, Dove sought to change this figure by launching the #IamBeautiful campaign. I am delighted and it's an honor to share my own stories on this blog.

The response to the #IamBeautiful campaign was uplifting. In just a matter of months, beautiful has taken a shift in paradigm hinged on self-acceptance and self-worth. Today, the movement has reached over 1 million women declaring their beauty, which in turn has sparked public interest and brought to light the need to address the issues and anxieties that girls of all ages face. 

Today, Dove is ready to take another significant turn in its mission in uplifting Real Beauty to the next level. By reaching out to the next generation of young Filipinas, the perception of beauty will now be honed and positively influenced at a younger age. 

Dove: Legacy #WeAreBeautiful

with Mama at F1 Hotel on her 54th birthday

I don't know how it feels to be a mom yet (maybe soon) but I definitely can related to the film being a daughter. Mom and I were not that close until few years ago. I grew up with my father and when I started college years I became more independent. Mom and daughter bonding became more frequent and meaningful sometime last year or just before I got married. I heard a lot of great stories of reconciliation before getting married, ours maybe one of them. I'm glad it wasn't too late to experience that wonderful mom and daughter relationship. During the process I tried to observe how she thinks and feels about herself. I can still remember how beautiful mom was during her 30s until today. Just like grandma, she takes care of herself - well dressed and puts on her favorite makeup and perfume. I guess it's all because of the beauty legacy of our late grandmother that we became confident of ourselves.

In a locally-commissioned study by Dove on young Filipina adolescent girls, the results reflected that 2 out of 3 girls feel pressured to look beautiful coming from external pressure from peers and friends. Despite this, these same girls are still hopeful about the future. In fact 81% of the respondents still consider their mom as their role model, which is much higher than the global average of 55%.

Dove believes that mothers have the power to change, and create a future generation of empowered women. After all, behind every Dove girl is a mother who taught her to believe in her own beauty. 

Dove: Legacy launch was attended by Dove celebrity moms Maricel Laxa, Christine Jacob, and TinTin Bersola. Child psychologist Dr. Honey Carandang was also present, to add insight to the data found

If there's one person who can influence little girls it would be her mom. I'm glad Dove created and continue the #IamBeautiful campaign, a movement that empowers every women, repeatedly reminding us that #WeAreBeautiful

Moms, how your little girls feel about their beauty starts with how you feel yours. 

Join us, create your own positive beauty legacy!
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