Pretzel Crisps Brings Back Fond Memories

I have great memories of the Jack 'n Jill Chocolate Pretzels. During our childhood days, it was ou favorite pasalubong from our dad. Even his friends would come and visit us with a box of Jack 'n Jill Pretzels. Years have passed, it remains one of my favorite chocolate pretzels. My younger sister Tina loves the strawberry pretzels though.

Pretzel Crisps by Woman In Digital
Jack 'n Jill Pretzel Crisps
The New Year welcomes us with a box of Jack 'n Jill Pretzel Crisps from our friends in Universal Robina Corporation. The memories of my childhood came back! I immediately open the package and saw two variants of Pretzel Crips - Cheese 'n Garlic and the Honey Mustard. URC puts a spin on the all-time favorite pretzel by making it lighter and crispier.

Pretzel Crisps by Woman In Digital

I like its re-sealable packaging. It's handy and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. 

Pretzel Crisps Re-sealable pack / Woman In Digital

Honey 'n Mustard / Cheese 'n Garlic
Honey 'n Mustard / Cheese 'n Garlic
There were days I would go for the Honey Mustard but my favorite was the Cheese 'n Garlic flavor. So the next time I want a crunchy, crispier snack. I can easily get a handful of Pretzel Crips.

Pretzel Crisps with C2 Green Tea
Pretzel Crisps with C2 Green Tea
Movie marathon, snacking with Pretzel Crisps with a cold glass of C2 Green Tea is now our favorite couple bonding. It's also a tasty afternoon treat that can be matched with a cup of coffee or tea. 

My friend, Cla excited to try Pretzel Crisps

It's more fun sharing these crunchy, crispy snack so I gave some to my friends and guests during the blog re-launch. They were excited to try it!

Pretzel Crisps retails at P15 per pack. The two variants are now available at leading supermarkets and sari-sari store. Have you tried Pretzel Crips?


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