It's Time To #ChangeForTheBetter!

Usually, the best place to make a new start is where you are! As we start a new leaf in our lives, I encourage you to commit to #ChangeForTheBetter

Change For The Better
Change For The Better
But the statement "Change For The Better" could mean a lot. There are many aspects in our lives that we want to improve. As for me, I wanted to spend more (and I really mean it!) quality time with my husband and family. Sacrifice old ways, attitudes and going out of my comfort zones for others. Giving up my right to be right for inner peace and humility. There's so much to change and it doesn't even have to be every New Year that we should realise it.

Krem-Top's Change for the Better campaign looked at the values that are natural among Filipinos reminding us of our identity that can strengthen nationhood. "Change for the Better" campaign started in 2012, a call to action for people to commit and sustain the change to become better individuals, not just during the turn of the year but all throughout the year and beyond.

Renowned phenomenological sociologist Dr. Mina Ramirez of the Asian Social Institute, identified Five Core Values that defines the Filipino people. We, Filipinos have great values:

Mapagpasalamat (thankful)

This is based on Filipinos’ aspiration for “Pamumuhay” (Life) and “Pananalig sa Diyos at Kapwa” (Faith in God and people). Evident on our holidays, feasts, occasions, and family reunions.  Filipinos are cheerful and naturally sociable. 

Matatag (strong)

Gilas Pilipinas  - hard work, determination and competitive

We get our strength our families and loved ones. I was shocked to see a lot of people evacuated in nearby barangay hall due to massive fire that hit hundreds of families somewhere in Balintawak area on New Year's day. One of the families affected was my manicurist, Marinel. We were texting her to visit us for the regular nail care but we were surprised to find out she and her family were victims of the huge fire and now staying at barangay court together with many evacuees. Despite the difficulties, she can still smile. Filipinos have adapted and learned to be strong in times of need and in hard situations life throws at us. We continue to stand up, be firm, and fight because we have our loved ones and life’s aspirations to be strong for. 


A great example of being Masigasig shown on the picture are hard working men at Uratex plant.

Masigasig is based on Filipinos’ aspiration for “Kasaganaan” (Abundance) and “Ginhawa” (Relief). We do everything possible to give our families and loved ones a better life.  One of the great examples would be Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who endure being away from home to give their families a good life. 


with my OFW friend Kristine, catching up before she go back to work abroad

Filipinos are naturally compassionate (Mapagmalasakit).  We love to extend love to friends, neighbors and other people even in simple ways. This compassion enables us to help other people without asking for anything in return. A simple giving of food to those who are hungry is an example. Sending a text message to friends who are undergoing trials in life. 


with my beloved grandma, Nina. She has been an inspiration & guidance when we're little until I graduated and landed a good job!

One of the things I would like to pass to my future children is the use of "po", "opo", and pagmamano (kissing of the hand) to show respect especially to elders. The Filipinos’ respect is not just limited to the elderly but also to other people’s properties, emotions, and ideas.

Dr. Mina Ramirez explained, “If you want to get to know the Filipino, learn the language.  Most of our values are deeply rooted in how we express ourselves.  The Five Core Filipino Values based on the Basic Aspirations of a Filipino are in Filipino language because there are no direct translations of these traits.  The words are unique to us.  Understanding these traits would mean dissecting the soul of a Filipino.”

“Filipinos may be hard pressed at times, but in general, we are rich.  We are rich in natural resources; we are rich in our people.  If we can just get to know more ourselves clearly and use our values to our advantage, we will become a better nation.  It’s time to change for the better,” said Dr. Ramirez.

How about you? What are you willing to sacrifice to change for the better? Join us, for more information about Krem-Top Change for the Better campaign, visit or follow #WomanInDigital @LivingMarjorney on IG and Twitter


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