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Remember our three hours spa treatment at Nuat Thai in Banawe last year? It was one of the longest spa sessions I had in the past. I usually go for an hour of massage after spending thirty minutes in the sauna. Just before the Christmas, I tried one of the facial treatments in a Makati Spa called Skintology Aesthetic Clinic.

Pampering The Woman In Me / Skintology Clinic via
with Dr. Bryan Uy-Barretta 
It was through Frances that I met Dr. Bryan and Maia Pega, president and co-founder of Skintology Aesthetic Clinic. In an intimate lunch, they discussed about their passion about beauty and wellness that led them to open a skin clinic. It's very obvious, Maia is so pretty at her age and we were lucky that she revealed her beauty regimen to us.

Team Skintology
with Maia Pega, Dr. Bryan Uy, Frances Of Dominguez PR and fellow bloggers
First, apply sunblock. Second, trust the right dermatologist for skin care needs. Third, look for mild, non-irritating skin care products that suits your skin type.

Skintology-Clinic-Makati / Woman In Digital Blog

After the scrumptious meal, we went to Skintology clinic. It's a pretty small clinic with three cubicles. We were invited to try their facial services. The clinic offers two types of Facial Treatments - Regular Facial with Extraction and the Total Beauty Package. I had the latter. I guess, it was the most extensive facial treatments I recently had. There's six steps in the process and the procedure lasted about one to one and half hour.

Skintology-Clinic-Makati / Woman In Digital Blog
Nurse Sugar started cleansing my face. Removing dirt and makeup.

Skintology-Clinic-Makati - Galvanic Procedure
Next, she used Vacuum to remove the whiteheads.

Skintology-Clinic-Makati - Ultrasonic Procedure
During the process, this one made me feel uncomfortable due to metal-like taste. I was told, it's normal, some clients would experience it because of the ion. Galvanic, a positive and negative ion that will circulate to balance the PH of our skin.

Nightingale Poo Mask Application
Nightingale Poo Mask that I tried gives a glowing skin
Sugar applied the Nightingale Poo Mask (made from the feces of Japanese Nightingale bird) on my face and let it dry for about thirty minutes. The mask brightens the skin. Next, she used Ultrasonic to penetrate the vitamins inside our skin. It also helps in lifting and firming the skin.

High Frequency Laser
After ultrasonic, the therapist did Diamond Peel to take out the dead skin on my face. DP also helps to lighten the dark spots and blemishes.

Skintology-Clinic-Makati / Woman In Digital

The High Frequency Laser closes the pores and kills bacteria and upcoming pimple.

Skintology Clinic Makati /
Woman In Digital at Skintology Clinic
Skintology offers different kind of Facial Masks.

  • Carboxy Gel Mask for problematic skin and minimize pores
  • Golden Facial Mask for moisturizing and anti-aging
  • Luminous White Face give a powdery white effect
  • Nightingale Poo Mask that I tried gives a glowing skin.
  • Porefree Facial Mask helps minimize the pores and oiliness of the skin. 

Maia and Dr. Bryan offered IPL or Cavitation on my arms but I told them I don't think I needed the procedure. They explained that Cavitation doesn't only burn fats it also tighten the skin.

The Science of Aesthetics, INC.
120 Plaza Royale Building, L.P. Leviste Road, Salcedo Village, Makati City
843-2233 /

Overall, it was a wonderful pampering experience at Skintology Clinic. My friends even noticed my skin glow and lightened. The effect even lasted a couple of weeks, guess I need to come back for regular facial. 

For P1,200 you too can avail the Total Beauty Package or try the regular facial with extraction it's only P550. Skintology has wide range of face and body treatments, they have non-surgical facial contouring too. 


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