Pipe Lining Sustainability with Neltex

NELTEX joined the leading building and construction exhibition, World Building and Construction Exposition, WORLDBEX at the World Trade Center last weekend. After our Sunday service at GCC, husband and I decided to drop by the WTC to check out what's new with Neltex booth. Remember, hubby participated the Neltex Hataw Challenge last year. I am also inspired with architectural and interior design, I might adapt in decorating our home. Entrance was free but registration is required. There's a long line, I mean a lot of visitors came but the registration was such a breeze.


Anyone would notice the booth design of Neltex. a building with a 2nd floor with PVC pipes inside and outside the building. Our friends from Neltex walked us while discussing different types of pipes, the PVC Neltex Pressureline Pipe and PVC Neltex Sewerguard Pipe with Sewerlock Seal.

Neltex-Worldbex via Woman-In-Digital

Neltex Development Corp. continues to develop pipes that respond to the needs of the modern society. The company is more active offering solutions to major pipeline problems in the country. With climate change and urbanization, increasing population, storm surges cause heavy flooding. with Neltex Pipelining Sustainability, they continue to innovate, producing safe, lead-free, environmentally-friendly and durable products that can last up to 50 years.

Neltex-Worldbex via Woman-In-Digital

One of the most common problem is leakage caused by poor jointing and loose gasket resulting to non-revenue water and system loss. Pipe leak is highly caused by improper pipe fitting due to conventional installation and non-secure working condition. Neltex, offer solution to this problem. The PVC Neltex Pressureline Pipe with machine installed fixed solution that leaves no margin thus no leakage. Moreover, because it's pvc, we are assured that it will last a very long time.

Neltex Fixed Seal
Neltex Pressureline with Fixed Seal
Infrastructures constructed long time ago can no longer adapt to climate and environmental changes. Floods and waste water still go through reinforced concrete pipes that are corroded by the hydrogen sulfide present in waste water. To address this, these should be changes to the chemically-resistant PVC pipes of Neltex. Sure, PVCs more expensive but the cost of damage and frequent reinforcement and re-construction doubles. Not to mention the hassles of traffic, manpower and frequent re-construction.

Neltex Sewer Guard
Neltex explained to us that concrete pipes are only one meter in length and heavy so it's difficult and could be inaccurate to form long pipes. Moreover, uneven slopes, the water could not flow as fast and smoothly, thus clogging often occurs. Neltex suggests the use of its flexible, lightweight, six-meter long PVC Neltex Sewerguard Pipe with Sewerlock Seal that ensures fast installation and less jointing.

Neltex Electrical Power Guard
Lat but not the least, Neltex offers PVC Powerguard Pipes joined together by means of a fixed seal technology called the Powerlock that renders the pipes to be 100% waterproof and air tight.

Neltex PVC Pipes
NELTEX has become one of the widely distributed brand of PVC pipes in more than 6,000 hardware store nationwide for more than 50 years now.  The brand continues to innovate value engineering products. They are the biggest producer of PVC Pipes and Fittings in the country at over 13,000 MT/ year.

Neltex at WORLDBEX 2015

Exhibits at the 2015 WorldBex

After our tour at Neltex booth, we bought two sets of lighting LED bulbs and Akari Extension Cords.  


Akari via Woman-In-Digital

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I hope I was able to share information about concrete versus Neltex PVC pipes and its major role in our everyday living. All these changes in our environment, urbanization, we must be be aware of environmentally-friendly and health-safe products inside and outside of our home.


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