Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

Shopping is me-time, going through each and every aisle, reading product labels and comparing prices something I'm not getting tired of. In this busy world, my once or twice a week trip to the supermarket reminds me to slow down as I pick the best, freshest food.

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

Our family (from my mother side) plans a weekend relaxation to celebrate aunt Grace's birthday. We agreed to bring food to lessen burden to the birthday girl. Excited, I went to Robinsons Selections in Burgos Circle right after the Talk N Text Event where I met the Philippine Bad Boy, Robin Padilla for the first time. Stories and more on a separate blog post.
My husband offered help and assistance in doing the grocery. So there, the two of us drove off to Burgos Circle from Blue Leaf Pavillion. On our way, I was looking for the newly opened J.Co Lifestyle cafe, I didn't find it but saw another Starbucks Reserve just beside Robinsons Selection, yay! We proceeded to the supermarket. From the entrance, I already score Robinsons Super Value packs. This is my 2nd time at Robinsons Selections.

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

1. Health & Beauty Section

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

When doing the grocery, I start with dry goods, our must-haves beauty essentials. There's a pack of imported Dove bar soaps but I did not get one because I'm loving Dove Nutrium body wash

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

#SeizeTheSummer with Vaseline Water-Base Whitening Serum. Have you joined our contest yet? Win a trip to Bali, Indonesia for two.

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

Shopping is certainly more convenient and chic in this lifestyle supermarket. If there's a lifestyle cafe, I call Robinsons Selections a lifestyle supermarket because of its modern look and wide array of local and imported products. It has everything I need, including a strong WiFi connection.  I can send a photo of a nice meal from the Gourmet To Go to someone special. Chic and stylish food hall, clean trolleys and tons of fresh, organic produce. When I get tired and thirsty, the gourmet section offers delish meals and snacks to boot.

2. Quarterly Highlights

Quarterly promotions with featured products spotted on the aisles near the cashier section.

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

I love discounts and promos so I took advantage of the Buy 1 Take 1 The Brownie Reinvented Crunch.

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

Done with the skin care products. I did a quick tour to the bottled and canned products sections. I love San Marino products, even made a couple of recipes posted on hubby's blog Apart from local products, there's imported brands of tea, coffee, confectionery, and snack items. My favorite, English Tea Shop's line of teas. Spam of different variants. Robinsons Selections brought premium local and imported products to cater the needs and lifestyle of its customers.

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

You can easily locate the products you are looking for. Rob Selections installed huge aisle numbers, similar products of different brands are displayed just like this section, "baking needs".

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

I use Silk Soy milk and fresh milk in making breakfast pancakes, it makes it more fluffy and tasty.

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

Oishi Oaties milk and Choco chugs anytime of the day.

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

Last Christmas I received a pack of English Tea Shop, a collection of natural herbal infusions. I was delighted to see different tea variants in a pack. Each smells good. Now, I'm enjoying my afternoon tea session even more. It also best paired with Lotus Biscoff cookies. 

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

You don't have to go other wine store, Robinsons Selections has winery sure you can find your favorite red or white wine.

Robinsons Selections Aisles To Check Out

3. Local and Imported Dairy Products

Beside the winery section are local and imported dairy products. Cream cheese for cheesecake? Have you tried these brands? Share your thoughts please. :)

4. Fruits and Vegetables:

This section is not limited to bananas and oranges. A wide variety of fruits sourced from different parts of the country. There's durian, melon, watermelon and pineapple. Green leafy veggie from pandan leaves, lemon grass, spinach, arugula, beets and a lot more. Tomatoes, garlic, onions, celery, carrots, cabbage, eggplant which we usually use in the kitchen.

No need to go to Baguio for fresh strawberries. They have imported and local brands.

I promised aunt Grace to bring fruits for our weekend swimming and family reunion. Thank goodness there are wide variety of fruits I don't need to go to public market for these. Who wants pineapple, watermelon, melon, papaya, durian and banana. I think I'm all set for the weekend getaway!

5. Gourmet Deli Aisle Epicurious

Another interesting section is the Gourmet Deli Aisle Epicurious that has wide offering of cheeses, deli products, and ready-to-cook marinated meats and seafood. It's a familiar deli and cafe located in Shangri-La Mall that offers both locally and internationally sourced artisan products. I got a jar of Blue Butter Cream for only Php150.

6. Poultry and Fish Section

Fish in different colors and sizes.

Magnolia Chicken vs. Robinsons Supersaver Fresh Chicken?

Fresh meat from beef ground round to simple sinigang cut.

I bought a pack of Mediterranean Chicken at Php111

Glad they have organic eggs.

Frozen Products

The Best of The Philippines Cashew Sans Rival for the birthday celebrant.

7. DIY Salad and Food To Go Section

Robinsons Selection certainly provides leisure shopping experience to its customers. It's a one-stop shopping and dining place. The Salad Bar by Dizon Farms offers DIY fresh salad priced per weight, at P30.00 per 100g. Ready to eat food for the family or big groups like a whole roasted chicken with some Marble Potatoes in Olive Oil as side, there's Inihaw na Liempo and Pork Belly, sauteed vegetable as well.

Leisure shopping in a lifestyle supermarket. Check out Robinsons Selection, Robinsons' 100th store at Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City. They have everything I need from food, medicine to gardening.

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TipTree Strawberry with Champagne jam, Epicurous Blue Cheese Butter and Village Gourmet Focaccia

Done with our supplies for this week, ready to seize the summer and go to the beach with the family. Check out pegs posted a couple of days ago on IG.


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