Baguio 2015 (Part 3): Live Long Detox Bar and Organic Shop

Hello everyone! Happy weekend. As of this writing, I'm enjoying the cool weather in Baguio.  and view from our hotel room in Azalea Residences. I'm here to participate in the KLiteFoodies, Foodies at the Hub.

Aboard deluxe Joybus at 1230 midnight on Friday and was surprised to arrive in Baguio at 4:30 am. It was a smooth and easy 4 and half hours trip to the City of Pines, the fastest I ever experience going to Baguio. Joybus is operated by Genesis bus, the same company that brings passengers to Mariveles, Bataan so it's not really new to me.

I love discovering new restaurants, that's the reason why I joined the KLiteFoodies. One of the many discoveries I had is the healthy juice bar known as LIVE LONG DETOX BAR and ORGANIC SHOP which is located at the ground floor Phil Health Building.

The shop is owned and operated by Tina who's into juicing and healthy lifestyle for a long time. The cozy shop can accommodate around 20 guests. LIVE LONG DETOX BAR is a kind of bar you don't only visit at night. It's not a kind of bar that's strict with the age of customers. Moreover, it's the kind of bar you should often visit to live longer because it offers not only healthy, detoxifying and delicious smoothies and juices. 

Let me tell you, it's not a boring place. Aside from fresh, organic smoothies there are sumptuous dishes for grabs - from breakfast snacks, Kaya Toasts, sliders, pasta dishes, chocolate cake even halo-halo are available here at a reasonable price.

Are you ready to meet the superheroes of Live Long Detox Bar? Starting with the Green Lantern. Did you know that 'GREEN LANTERN' means 'facing your fears'. Green Lantern is made of cucumber, spinach, celery, parsley and topped with alfalfa. This dark green beverage detoxifies the digestive system. 

Making the bones healthy, there's IRONMAN smoothie made of apple, pineapple, banana and yogurt.

Calling all vegetarians, before I reveal the 3rd and 4th smoothies, let's have a break with these tasty Sliders. Initially, we thought they are made of meat. Nope, these are made of taro, mushroom and eggplant. From the three, the Taro Slider was the group's favorite. 

Another incredibly tasty dish was the cabbage rolls, Live Long's version of siomai. Along with the Cute Cabbage Rolls is the 3rd superhero smoothie called SUPERMAN. It's made with apples, carrots, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, celery, broccoli stem, beet root and ginger. Packed with a several veggie and apple, it's just right to be called Superman.

I love pesto so I got excited to try LIVE LONG's Go Green Pasta, very light and not oily unlike most pesto dish. To my husband, Jonel I recommend the Go Green Pasta and the Green Lantern to you.

The 4th smoothie is so comforting because it has two of my favorites - apple and cinnamon. Imagine the delightfully aroma of the PHOENIX Smoothie. Tina said it helps in hydration, I guess it's really perfect for me. From the four smoothies we tried, the Phoenix was my ultimate favorite. 

Live Long is not only the home for healthy, organic smoothies and juices. It's also the place for good salad. This family size Mason Jar Salad is highly recommended. It's fresh and crunchy slices of fruits and greens plus the secret salad dressing. I swear, I had more than the usual serving that afternoon.

We're not yet done ladies. The Goddess Grilled Chicken served with brown rice and special green salad on the side is so filling. It can be shared by two.

You know I'm not a fan of spicy food but the Hot Bibimbap deserves a mention.

We ended our wonderful snack with a cup of hot ginger tea. It was a great afternoon getting to know the lady behind Live Long Detox Bar and her healthy lifestyle. 

More about my recent trip to Baguio on my next posts. Meanwhile, follow me on IG and Twitter, @LivingMarjorney. Get updates straight from your inbox by Email Subscription. Enjoy the weekend everyone! 


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