Baguio 2015 (Part 4) Gogi Nara Korean Restaurant

During our recent trip in Baguio City, our group visited a quite new Korean restaurant, Gogi Nara located at SM Baguio. Gogi Nara offers familiar Korean dishes from hot soup, wide variety of side dishes and ramyeon. The store was quite small but can also accommodate diners outside who wants alfresco dining with the view of the city. Just like other Korean restaurants, it has a modern look, nice wallpaper and wooden tables.

Gogi Nara: Korean Restaurant in Baguio City
Gogi Nara: Korean Restaurant in Baguio City
Korean Restaurant in Baguio City

Immediately we were served with cold iced tea which taste good, not too sweet. Appetizer in small bowls (banchan) came next.

Affordable Korean Restaurant in Baguio City

Refillable side dishes from Kimchi, pickled carrots, carrots and zucchini.

Affordable Korean Restaurant in Baguio City
Korean Shabu-Shabu
Our friend Vince raved about Gogi Nara's Seafood Ramyeon. I wanted to try it but we decided to try Korean Shabu-Shabu instead. I had enough for lunch and still needs room for our next stop, afternoon meryenda. Our soup has shrimp, beef strips and vegetables.

What's fun dining in a Korean restaurant is when you cook your food. There's interaction between you, your friends or family and the food. It has always been a great experience. Seafood Shabu-Shabu was one of my favorites because it's not spicy yet so flavorful. The hot was perfect on cold or rainy day.

Seafood Shabu-Shabu in Baguio

If you're adventurous or loves spicy food then the Hae-mul-Tang (Spicy Seafood Soup) is for you. I tasted this spicy seafood even if I'm not into hot dishes so I can share with you my experience. It's actually more flavorful compared to the latter. No wonder it's so delicious because it has crabs, shrimp and vegetable.

Hae-mul-Tang (Spicy Seafood Soup) in Baguio
Hae-mul-Tang (Spicy Seafood Soup)
On a separate stove, we're preparing grilled seafood and beef. Once in a while it would be great to cook for your friends or loved ones. Gogi Nara lets you prepare your own meal but there's always a friendly staff who can assist you. Shrimp and beef were all fresh and comes in medium sizes/slices.

Amgyeopsal (Pork Grill) Php200 
Hae-Mul(Sea food grill) Php200 
Cha-dol Balgi(Beef Grill)- Php300




Here's how to eat Amgyeopsal. Use tongs to pick freshly grilled seafood, beef or pork from the stove. Place desire amount of seafood or beeg on fresh lettuce, add special sauce, wrap and indulge.


You can dine alone and still have more than one dish. Gogi Nara has bento meals, a complete meal that comes with hot soup, side dishes, violet rice and a main course.


More than the food, it was the entire dining experience that made our visit at Gogi Nara memorable. Baguio tourists including our Korean visitors need not go far or will not miss local cuisine. Special thanks to our friends from Lakbay Baguio, Azalea Residences Baguio and Baguio App

Gogi Nara is located at SM Baguio

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