TOTAL Excellium: Eco-Friendly Diesel

Each time I passed by the national road, I would smell my hair hoping it won't smell smoke/fumes from cars, trucks and buses that emit smoke. Even if I'm tired, I can't help but immediately go to the shower, take a full bath so I can lie down on my bed fresh and clean. We've heard a lot of comments and their thoughts about gasoline and diesel from drivers to ordinary commuters. Some says modern diesel is unreliable. Others says it's highly-tuned and impressive. For me, a significant question would be if these products are eco-friendly. 

TOTAL, a French corporation has been known in various fields from oil exploration to distribution of pertroleum products in over 130 countries. Recently, Total Philippines introduced an excellent addition to the innovative Excellium product line: TOTAL Excellium Diesel. This new generation formula cleans and protects the engine, significantly reduces carbon emissions, and improves fuel economy to fit motorists’ daily driving allowance.

TOTAL Excellium: Eco-Friendly Diesel

What is TOTAL Excellium Diesel? 

It is a top-tier diesel product that offers multi-functional performance developed from a selection of molecules that keep both and old new engines cleaner. It differs from other regular diesel because it has new features adapted to the new engine technologies and fuel evolution. Engines are cleaner, combustion is better and friction losses of the entire engine and fuel injection equipment are reduced. 

TOTAL Excellium: Eco-Friendly Diesel

Benefits of Total Excellium

Fuel efficiency, Engine Protection and Less Emissions are the three Benefits of Total Excellium Diesel. Total customers in the Philippines can now breathe new life into their cars with TOTAL Excellium, which was developed in European laboratories to put the customers’ driving experience right at its core, with three distinct advantages in one fuel product.

TOTAL Excellium: Eco-Friendly Diesel
It delivers maximum engine protection and more in a single patented formula. This new diesel formula takes one’s driving experience to the next level by protecting and maintaining both old and new engines through special detergent molecules and friction-reducing ingredients. With every drop of Excellium Diesel, the patented formula works to protect metal components in the engine, ensuring that every movement is smoother than ever. With less friction between metal components, one can be assured that the engine will last longer and perform at optimum levels.

Experience TOTAL Excellium Diesel. It's now available in  33 Total Service stations including:

NCR, Northern Luzon, EDSA-Pasay, San Fernando, Alabang, Tarlac, Fairview, Tuguegarao, Valenzuela, Solana, Cagayan, Makati, Clark, Pampanga, Shaw Boulevard, Camp 7, Baguio City, Merville, Greenhills, Visayas, Balintawak, Plaridel, Cebu, West Service Road, Las PiƱas, Zabarte, Quezon City and Sucat 2

TOTAL EXCELLIUM is also available as a 95+ RON premium gasoline fuel in selected TOTAL service stations.

TOTAL Excellium: Eco-Friendly Diesel

Last but not the least, Total Excellium Diesel is eco-friendly. It contributes to a reduction in polluting emission (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons) by improving hygiene performance. Aside from cleaning the engine and eliminating deposits that hinder better engine performance, TOTAL Excellium Diesel also contains combustion improving ingredients that reduce harmful emissions.

Have you tried Total Excellium Diesel? What's your experience?

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