How DiabetaMil Helps In Controlling Blood Sugar Level

We always link Diabetes Mellitus to too much eating of sweets. That's right folks, but there are other predisposing factors that could lead to this disease called Diabetes. The International Diabetes Foundation has reported that the Philippines has been named as one the world’s emerging diabetes hotspot having treated 3.2 million cases in 2014 alone. Not surprised though, looking how some of us have sedentary lifestyle, diet and too much exposure to stress.


There are two types of Diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. To easily understand allow me explain it in layman's term. First, insulin is a hormone that needed to convert sugar, starches to energy. Type 1 DM is also called juvenile diabetes of insulin-dependent diabetes. It's a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin at all. On the other hand, Type 2 Diabetes is also known as Acquired Diabetes, non-insulin dependent or adult-onset DM. It's the most common form of DM can be acquired due to lifestyle, sickness or complication from another disease.

with Garry Valenciano
Whether Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, the most important thing to understand is how to properly deal or manage this condition. In a recent event hosted by Diabetamil, Mr. Pure Energy himself, Type 1 diabetic Garry Valenciano shared his experience of dealing with this medical condition. Gary was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was just 14 years old and was told by his doctors that he would not live past the age of forty. Thirty-seven years after his diagnosis and more than 90,000 insulin injections later, Gary has never been more active in both his personal and professional life. He performs on concerts. He's an athlete, artist and of course a father and husband to wife Angeli. He wears different hats and continues to inspire us by sharing testimonies battling against Diabetes.


Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes:

Frequent Urination
A wound that does not heal
Feeling very thirsty (frequently)
Weight loss even if the patient eat more


Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
Simple Glucose Test
Physical Examination

Blood Sugar Testing
Lower The Risk For Diabetes with regular exercise. The best form of exercises includes swimming, dancing and brisk walking. Watch out for signs and symptoms. 

What's the secret? Of course proper exercise and right diet. Garry revealed his favorite food included in his diet - DiabetaMil. It's a reduced calorie, sugar-free Cereal and Non-Cereal drink contain vitamins, minerals and protein specially formulated for people with diabetes. It is enriched with Chromium Picolinate and Dietary Fiber, is high in Calcium and has a Low Glycemic (GI) Value. The high fiber oat content in DiabetaMil Chocolate & Vanilla drinks, help lower bad cholesterol. It also contains a glycemic index (GI) value level of 30.5 which helps reduce overall blood glucose level. In addition, it has sucralose and acesulfame K that helps diabetics reduce their blood glucose level.

Diabetamil is manufactured by Nutrifood
Available at leading supermarkets and drug stores nationwide.

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Sometimes I get paranoid with my small, petite body frame. The anxiety just go away knowing there's God and nothing to be afraid to. Of course, I had my blood glucose tested. Normal blood sugar level is 80-120 or 130. I'm glad mine was 90 and hubby 92. 

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We asked the people from DiabetaMil if it can be consumed by non-diabetics and the answer was Yes! DiabetaMil is available in nutritious drink and cookies. It comes in Chocolate with Cereal and Mochaccino flavors. They also have DiabetaMil cookies, the delicious Nutty Chocolate suited for diabetics.


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