Celebrating My Birthday At Club Paradise Palawan

I am overwhelmed with all your good wishes and blessings on my birthday. I'm touched knowing that everybody is busy yet they stopped to send their greetings. So allow me to thank you for the kind words.

Few days before my birthday, our friend from The Discovery Leisure Company invited us to spend the weekend in Dimakya island. It delighted me so much because it was my first time to set foot in Coron.

Club Paradise Palawan
Hello from Club Paradise Palawan
Paraw Sailing in Club Paradise
OOTD at Club Paradise
In the island, we were surrounded by deep blue, clean waters of Club Paradise beach and white, powdery sands. The noise of fruits bats as if they were singing. But best of all, we met friendly people of Club Paradise. I can't forget their gestures. They don't only say good morning. They stopped, smiled and placed their right hand on their chest.

One night, the resort set up a romantic dinner for two, the Moonlight Dinner, others would call it dinner by the beach. The food was good and we had a personal waiter assigned to us. Our moonlight dinner made more romantic because we were serenaded by the Trios with famous English and Tagalog songs.

Moonlight Dinner at Club Paradise Palawan
Moonlight Dinner at Club Paradise Palawan

My 37th Birthday Spent at Club Paradise

Birthday Cake from Club Paradise Palawan

I felt so special to be treated this way. The small details and doing something about it truly surprised me - the "happy birthday" greetings posted inside our villa. There's our photo, perhaps they grabbed on my blog, printed and framed. The three layer towel cake neatly placed on our bed was such a delight to see.

Club Paradise Resort

Time to rest after a good massage 

The truth is we are all busy but there's always a way to make someone feel special. Despite the gazillion of other things you need to worry about, we should give time for the people we love. I really appreciate these simple gestures from the people of Club Paradise. Don't worry if you have no idea how to set up one like this. The resort is more than willing to do it for you.

Capping our dinner was a soothing body massage at the Glow Spa. And all these surprised us when we went back to our villa. More desserts, wine for two and platter of cheese. 

Capping our day with Happy Birthday Cake and Wine

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I felt that Club Paradise Palawan is a place reserved just for us. Thank you Club Paradise Palawan for the wonderful birthday surprises. It will forever remain in my heart.


  1. Indeed this place is really a Paradise. Hope i could visit there really soon


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