Who's The Bozz?

In every household, there's a boss? Hubby has always the final say although I can't help but insist my ideas most of the time, lol.

Who's the boss?
PLDT SME Nation's in partnership with Rappler launched the Bozz Awards. It's a social media crowd sourcing search for the new generation of entrepreneurs who are harnessing digital tools to grow their businesses. The Bozz Awards hopes to inspire more entrepreneurs with success stories of those who have boldly embraced the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.

Rappler will facilitate the crowd sourcing aspect of the campaign which will carry the online handle #BeTheBoss.

The Bozz Awards is part of the line-up of activities for PLDT SME Nation’s recently launched Small Business Month celebration which is a pioneering initiative aimed at empowering small businesses to embrace the digital revolution.

How To Qualify for the Bozz Awards:

  1. Must be 45 years old and below
  2. Based in the Philippines
  3. Business owners for at least two years. 

Nominations, which will officially open on August 10, must be done online via the microsite on Rappler. Those who want to nominate their own bozz can also ‘Tweet-pitch’ a 140-character nomination using the hash tag #BeTheBoss. More details will also be announced on August 10 via the official Bozz Awards site.

A shortlist of 15 nominees will be chosen by a panel of judges with three each under five categories
  • The Boss for Mobile Readiness
  • The Boss For E-commerce
  • The Boss for Social Media
  • The Boss for Customer Service
  • Boss for Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship.

The first batch of Bozz awardees will each receive a full-powered Smart Enterprise Biz Kit which consists of business-enhancing tools and gadgets, including year-long data subscription, to help keep them always connected to their customers and updated with their operations, even while on the go.

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The final five Bozz awardees will also be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the world’s melting pot of technology via an exclusive Silicon Valley tour.

For more information on how to #BeTheBoss, visit rappler.com/betheboss


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