Kipling Women's Handbag Collection

There's something about classic, plain, women's handbags, I just can't resist. To be honest, I've made about eight visits in different shopping malls including KIPLING stores in the Philippines in the past two months. I wanted a new bag but, hey I'm proud to say that I was able to control the temptation. Until now, I'm using the old ones. Not so old actually. Last February, my husband gave me pretty, brown handbag with several pockets and two compartments. I like the color and fabric. 

Stylish Kipling Bag in Blue

I have to be honest though, I really like to get a new bag, something sexy yet classic and formal. I want mustard or yellow. One that has enough space and can fit my everyday paraphernalia.

Kipling 50% off!
New Kipling Collection 2015
Last week, a fellow blogger and friend Ruth and I braved the traffic from BGC to SM Fairview to celebrate the opening of Kipling store SM Fairview. Thanks to Uber, we traveled comfortably (use my promo code UberMarjorieUy and get P200 on your first ride).

A colorful array of Kipling women's handbags, tote bags and sling bags
A colorful array of Kipling women's handbags, tote bags and sling bags
Customers joyfully talking about their shopping experience. Most of them carries more than one shopping bag. Hmm looks like there's panic buying happening in the store? Some can't even decide which color and design to choose from. One of customers asked my recommendations. I thought she would buy me one, lol.

Yellow Kipling Bag
Forever 21 Black Dress
Flats from Debenham
Technomarine Red Watch
Necklace from Palawan
Kipling Bag (Yellow)

Then I found out as part of the opening, Kipling gave a whooping 50% off on all items provided you're a Kipling card holder. These are cute backpacks for kids and kids at heart. They come in different colors. 

Cute Kipling Backpack
Cute Kipling Backpack
I love this Kipling red-orange luggage (around P13,000+) and printed sling bag.

Kipling red-orange luggage
Kipling red-orange luggage
The yellow Kipling lady's bag was eye-catching but I found another one with pretty design. Then I realized the color and design might be hard to match an outfit. So I look for another one and found this classic, plain blue handbag.

Trendy Kipling Bags

What I like most is the size - it can fit my women's daily essential from makeup kit, mobile phone, purse and wallet.

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I love the new Kipling 2015 Collection. I decided to buy the blue handbag so I can easily match any outfit. It can be worn in any type of occasion. The fabric is easy to clean, washable and dries fast. Do you have any designer's bag? Share your shopping finds, just leave a comment below. I would love to hear your story. <3


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