Pyrex Celebrating 100 Years

When it comes to cooking and anything about kitchen, I always go to my mom, auntie and my late grandma. I learned how to cook because of them. Their best recipes are now kept in my very own kitchen. I'm happy every time my husband appreciate even the simple dish like guisadong gulay (sauteed veggie) prepared at home. Of course, there are special occasions needed some special dishes and I'm glad I have kitchenware to make cooking easy.

Mango Tiramisu Recipe
Pyrex has been in the market for 100 years. There's no question with regards to its quality and durability. When I was young, I would hear grandma telling her children to keep the pyrex bowls after celebration. Now I know why she loves her pyrex.

100 Years of Trusted Quality

Did you know that Pyrex began as a material for developing lantern glass for railroads with its heat-tempered glass. How it found its way to the kitchen is another story of creativity and ingenuity.

In 1915, Corning scientist Jesse Littleton brought home a sawed-off battery jar at the behest of his wife Bessie after her casserole dish broke. And as they say, a cake was baked, an iconic brand was born – PYREX. And this 2015, we are more than happy to celebrate with you Pyrex’s 100 years in our kitchen and in our homes.

PYREX is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Raffles and Company, Inc. It is available at leading department stores and via authorized dealers and independent distributors nationwide. For details, please call 687-5467

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Do you own any Pyrex kitchenware? Join the celebration, take a picture of it and use hashtag #Pyrex100Years


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