Momax Flip Cover and PhotoFast Memory Cable USB for iPad Air

GADGETS are not just for social media and blogging. Our smartphones and tablets can be use in other things like sketching, drawing, menu-planning, even meditation and listening to spiritual podcasts.

Unboxing iPad Air
Unboxing iPad Air
Ever since I got an iPad Air 2 (thanks Great Taste Coffee), I enjoyed more listening to Christian podcasts every morning and before going to bed about Focus on the Family and Marriage, the "Daily Bread" and a lot more. So to make this gadget hopefully last a long time, I bought some added protection and durable accessories. I'm glad I found Momax Flip Cover and PhotoFast Memory Cable.

I got this Momax Flip Cover when we visited Recession Coffee by Digital Walker a couple of weeks ago. Retails at P1,650 I like how it can be use in three ways.

Momax Flip Cover
Momax Flip Cover
Front/top view. One of the nicest things about Momax Flip Cover it has a smooth feel and not bulky. It's like iPad Air - slim and lightweight. There are several colors available - black, yellow, light blue but I chose the grey one. SRP P1,650

Momax Flip Cover

My iPad Air automatically opens every time I flip the Momax Cover.

Momax Flip Cover

Look #2: Y-shaped embossed line works as a stand which makes watching movies great even reading mails one by one.

Momax Flip Cover

When I fold it up to two parallel lines, it makes typing easier. 

Momax Flip Cover

iPad Air makes blogging more easier. Imagine, I don't have to bring my laptop all the time. I can start blogging using the notepad or straight on Blogger. Reading is more enjoyable too compared to the regular smartphone. It's been a morning habit to open my iPad and listen to my favorite spiritual podcasts. 

Momax Flip Cover for iPad Air 2

Momax Flip Cover is an idea, lightweight iPad Air Cover and protection. You can get it at Digital Walker branches. There's one at Recession Coffee by Digital Walker in Eastwood and Century City Mall as well.

PhotoFast Memory Cable USB 3.0
PhotoFast Memory Cable makes documents, photos and data transferring a lot more easier.

PhotoFast Memory Cable USB 3.0
PhotoFast Memory Cable
PhotoFast makes upload, organize, edit and manage files across multiple devices, including PC, iPad, iPhone and more easier. This tiny USB can transfer your photos, videos, documents from one iOS device to the other or save them on Mac / PC. In addition, you can easily store and play music and videos directly from the i-FlashDrive with that you save space on your device.

PhotoFast Memory Cable USB 3.0

The i-FlashDrive ONE app is able to sync with your Dropbox and Goggle Drive accounts. The i-FlashDrive ONE has a one touch solution for backing up your iOS contacts, calendars and photos. You can restrict access to your content on the device using the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, Lightning lock, USB lock and a password.

PhotoFast EVO Plus is the world’s 1st and only cross-platform drive that allows users the flexibility to transfer and manage their data and multimedia files across iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms.

CR 8700 Memory Expansion Combo Kit provides two interfaces to access microSD card memory (USB 2.0 or microSD to SD adapters)

PhotoFast Memory Cable USB 3.0

I can't wait to try the PhotoFast Memory Cable on my iPad Air tonight. Fyi, it is the only flash drive of its kind to be licensed by Apple and compatible with iPhones and other devices with Lightning adapters as well as 30-pin connectors.

Do you also have an iPad Air? How's your experience so far? How about its accessories? What iPad cover and memory cable are you using? Share your experience.


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