What You Should Know About Aqua Glo Abrasion Free Liquid Facial And HIFU

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating this website lately. Seats For Two went to a short vacation and stayed at the beautiful Discovery Shores Boracay. Watch out for our stories here and at Seats For Two. Meanwhile, let me share the latest ultralifting and contouring treatment available at Skin Rejuve.

Sometime last month, hubby and I re-visited Skin Rejuve Elite in Timog, Quezon City to check on their HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for lifting and contouring) services.

Skin-Rejuve-HIFU Machine
Skin-Rejuve-HIFU Machine
Today, Skin Rejuve has added two more services. The first one is the Aqua Glow Abrasion Free Liquid Facial which is a pretty nice treatment without the pain and discomfort. It has no downtime which means you can go out right after the treatment. The treatment deeply cleanses with the use of suction machine throughout the procedure, exfoliates, extracts, hydrates and improves micro circulation in one session.

Skin Rejuve's Aqua Glo Abrasion Free Liquid Facial
Skin Rejuve's Aqua Glo Abrasion Free Liquid Facial Machine
SRE uses Aquafoliation and Aquafusion serums during the treatment. The two are composed of Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids that provides deep cleansing and peeling. It is also enriched with natural anti-oxidants like vitamin E, Green Tea, Vitamin B5, Cucumber, Aloe and Chamomile Extract.

HIFU Procedure

The Aqua Flow Facial is available in different packages (prices may vary so please contact Skin Rejuve):

Aqua Signature Facial (70 minutes) for P2000
Aqua Xpress (30 minutes) P1200
Aqua Teen (30 minutes) P1500

Ultheralift also known as the High Intensity Focused Ultra sound Technology is a non invasive treatment that helps improve skin tightening, smoothening of fine lines and facial contouring and shaping.

I have yet to try these services. Ultheralift is too expensive though but it can be done once a year. For inquiries, you may call 949-2521 or 410-5809

Skin Rejuve Elite
72 Timog Avenue, 
Scout Torillo, Quezon City

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Have you tried AquaGlow or Ultheralift? How's your experience? 


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