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Last week, I received a strange yet interesting invitation entitled "Journey's Through Spiritual Craft: Celebrate Jesus' Life". I wonder if it's sort of religious organization trying to invite me to their fellowship. I would not want to make the person who invited me to feel uncomfortable in case I cannot participate. The lady who sent the invite was accommodating. She were able to answer all my questions in a nice manner. So after a few exchange of emails, I finally confirmed to attend. It was a launch of Authentica Journey Spiritual Craft. :)

Authentica Handmade Spiritual Craft (Pendant)
Authentica Handmade Spiritual Craft (Pendant)
At Hatch 22, background songs were about praise and worship. I rarely hear worship songs in restaurants so it really made my day. Necklaces and what they call as Journey Spiritual Crafts were carefully displayed in one corner. They were all pretty and looks delicate. These products are made of glass, gold and special items straight from Holy Land.

Authentica Journey Spiritual Crafts
Authentica Journey Spiritual Crafts
Authentica Journey Spiritual Crafts
Authentica Journey Spiritual Crafts
After a while, the program started by Bro. Arun Gogna with a short inspirational talk. He was a good speaker, also singer and with sense of humor. So from time to time we laugh. I cannot forget his story about Angeline and Brad plus the ten cows. I will not tell you the story because I am hoping you might also meet Arun in the future. Ask him about Angelina and Brad. :)

Bro. Arun Gogna
Bro. Arun Gogna
Authentica Standing Charm
Authentica Standing Charm 24K Gold Plates P1,092
Authentica Spiral Hanging Water Charm with 24K
Authentica Spiral Hanging Water Charm with 24K P1,676
Authentica Vice President Jadeeyah Abang introduced these products in the Philippines. Authentica are said to be unique and one of a kind products because they bring Holy Land close to people. Others would call them spiritual accessories. A woman might want to use it as an added accessory on her everyday outfit, may it be casual or formalOthers might also consider it sacred. Each of us might have different perceptions and beliefs. Anyway, Authentica is recognized globally and distributed by Energy Gold Corp. in the Philippines. These items were made of materials (oil, soil, and water) from Holy Land. The oil is from Mount Galilee, Soil from Holy Land, and water from Jordan River.

Authentica Handmade Spiritual Craft (Pendant)
(left) Oil from Mount Galilee, Soil from Holy Land (right)
Authentica Handmade Spiritual Craft (Pendant) P1,838
#WomanInDigital wore Authentica necklace 24K gold pendant with water from Jordan River

Authentica products are locally distributed by Journey's Through Spiritual Craft and Souvenirs Journey Spiritual Craft You can also get one at their online, digital partner store

I was given a hanging crucifix with oil from Mount Galilee. It's now in safe place so it won't accidentally break. What do you think of these spiritual craft or charms? Do you believe in charms or spiritual crafts? Share your thoughts on the comment section below.


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