Starbucks by Moleskine 2016 Planner And The Mini Card With Swarovski

STARBUCKS Philippines had women in mind when they created the Starbucks by Moleskine 2016 Planner and the Starbucks Swarovski Mini Card.

Starbucks by Moleskine 2016 Planner
Starbucks by Moleskine 2016 Planner

What You Need To Know about Starbucks 2016 Planner (Check out #SeatsForTwo for A Dozen Things You Need To Know About Starbucks Moleskine 2016 Planner)

Starbucks partners with Moleskine® and come up with the Limited Edition Starbucks by Moleskine® 2016 planner. The brand is the legendary notebooks used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries Vincent van GoghPablo PicassoErnest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin. The planners are designed as durable, simple, and straight-to-the-point format that fits women's lifestyle.

Starbucks Moleskine 2016 Planner
Starbucks Moleskine 2016 Planner (Black)
Limited Edition Starbucks by Moleskine® 2016 planner comes in four colors. These are actually the Starbucks colors - White, Green, Black, and Red. Women can choose from small and large sizes. I got the small red Starbucks Planner 2016 so I can carry it anywhere. It fits in most ladies' handbag. But even if small, it has enough space for our shopping list, errands, reminders, to-do list to everyday schedule.

Starbucks by Moleskine Planner will be available starting November 2, 2015
Starbucks 2016 Planners are made with acid free paper and subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure every detail is preserved. What does it mean? When you love to draw or wants to keep notes or documents for a long time, acid free paper is recommended as it doesn't cause discoloring, yellowing or deteriorate over time. So if you love scrap booking, you can actually use the limited edition Starbucks by Moleskine 2016 Planner. It is said to last 100 years.

The planners are made even more special because we got to help two (2) non-profit organizations, Teach For The Philippines (read more about TFP and Starbucks partnership here) and the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) to fund their advocacies. 

If you love the Starbucks Planner I bet you will be more excited with the new Starbucks Card with Swarovski® crystals. It made me excited when I saw this mini card with crystals. I designed my wedding gown and added some Swarovski crystals in it. <3

Starbucks Swarovski® Mini Card
Starbucks Swarovski® Mini Card
Women will surely love the new Starbucks featured Card with Swarovski®, the world's leading producer of precision-cut crystals. The Starbucks Swarovski® Mini Card is decorated with 29 dazzling Swarovski® crystals. Wow! This special limited edition card can be redeemed through an initial consumable load amount of Php 2,500.

Starbucks Swarovski® Mini Card
Starbucks Swarovski® Mini Card
Aside from the Swarovski® Mini Card, Starbucks Holiday Tree and Snowman Card designs are also back for an initial consumable load amount of Php 300.

Starbucks Christmas Cards

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Ladies, what do you think of the Starbucks Holiday treats? How about the Starbucks by Moleskine® 2016 Planner and Starbucks Card with Swarovski


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