Getting to Know about BPI's Investment Plan

New Year, oftentimes the starting point of many life goals. Few more weeks and we're about to start another year. Our planners are ready for a long list of plans and goals, from going to the gym, aim for that beach body for next summer, starting a healthy lifestyle to a brand new career. Some wanted a new job while others would look for a job. Others wanted a brand new car or move to a condominium.  Each year, I look forward to destinations we could visit, birthdays and wedding anniversary to celebrate. In my prayers, I ask Him to shower us enough for our needs and more that we could give more to others. Perhaps, you ask yourself, how to make the best things happen.

BPI Helps Make The Best Happen
BPI Helps Make The Best Happen
In a fun and engaging event, BPI "Make The Best Happen" highlights six pillars that are relevant to our life today. These were presented in six interactive booths - travel booth, future booth, dining, arts and lifestyle booth. The travel booth allowed guests to feel as if they were in a dream destination while the dining booth showcased delicious wine and some canapés. I also visited the health booth and did some few stretching and exercises. But one of my favorites is the pseudo-retail therapy at the shopping booth featuring BPI Mastercard. But the most significant is the future booth, we sat down with BPI’s investment counselors and shared my dreams and aspirations. How I love these booths? It made me realized how important to save and invest for the future, to make things happen. Our conversation started with traveling, what particular place I wanted to see. I told them it would be Europe. 

BPI Make The Best Happen Campaign
BPI Make The Best Happen Campaign - Dining Booth
BPI Lifestyle Investment
BPI Campaign: Lifestyle Needs
Dreams and goals are meant to happen if we work hard and prepare for it. For example, with an initial investment of P10,000 and P3,+++ monthly contribution, you can start saving for a grand vacation. Total contribution would be P140,000 + with potential gain of 27.17%. It may sound a bit confusing since I am not a financial counselor but I'm pretty sure BPI can explain it to you well so visit the nearest BPI branch today.

BPI Investment Fund
BPI Investment Fund 
I'm glad husband knows how to manage our earnings, knows how to invest and save. He was taught how to save as early as the age of five. He also have savings account at Bank of The Philippines Islands (BPI). The bank offers a wide financial services from banking needs, investments, insurance, loans and cards. Hubby tells me how efficient funds transfer, online and mobile banking. Another thing I love about BPI is the no interbank deposit charges. I can deposit to my account anywhere in the Philippines. This Christmas, the BPI gift cards could be an awesome present.

At the moment, we are doing our best to make the best FAMBAM happen - to have a bigger and stronger family. :) 

BPI Make The Best FAMBAM Happen
BPI Make The Best FAMBAM Happen

There's a full range of investment plans for you, know more about Bank of The Philippine Islands by visiting their website. 

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