5 Reasons Alden Richard Is The #PrinceAldenCharming

I met the country's Prince CharmingAlden Richards on his special birthday celebration with Habitat For Humanity Philippines, the #AldenBirthdayBuilt held in Payatas sometime last year. Anyone would easily notice his dimple and sweet smile. But did you know his secrets to a fair, glowing skin and strong immune system? In a fairy tale theme event, Alden revealed his healthy lifestyle. Aldub goes to the gym, eat the right food, takes food supplement and skin-whitening pill called SnowCaps.

Alden Richard Is Called #PrinceAldenCharming
Alden Richard Is Called #PrinceAldenCharming
Glutathione has antioxidant,  immune system building, detoxification, and anti-aging properties. These ingredients can be found in every capsule of Snowcaps, oral glutathione.

Snowcaps Glutathione contains the miracle enzyme Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C. Snowcaps has FDA-approved 500mg of glutathione formulation, it's safe and effective whitening that may happen in as fast as six weeks. No wonder why Alden has more whiter, flawless skin.

5 Reasons Why Alden Richard Is Called #PrinceAldenCharming

1. Alden has endearing character. Last year, he spent this special day with Habitat for Humanity Philippines and the Online Champions building houses in Payatas. People were queuing to have his photo taken and he gladly accommodate them.

2. Aldub is no doubt a good looking guy. He has the height, fit and slim.

3. Alden remains to be low profile, friendly, and accommodating.

4. I think Alden is a gentleman. A character that is innate in a prince charming. Perhaps, that's the reason why #Aldub #Maiden become a big love team. I've watched #KalyeSerye a couple of times and I must admit, I also felt kilig with the love story.

5. Alden always look bagong ligo, neat and well-groomed. He said he never got sick despite the busy schedule at Eat Bulaga, #KalyeSerye, product endorsement, photo-shoots, and an upcoming movie. 


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Snowcaps Whitening

What sets Snowcaps Whitening from other whitening brands? It contains 50 percent more Glutathione than more expensive brands. Glutathione is a compound naturally produced by the liver and is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants which inhibit the production of toxins and free radicals caused by stress and other external lifestyle factors. This makes Snowcaps perfect for Alden who is a very busy body these days. Aside from maintaining a white, luminous, fair skin, Snowcaps is also considered health for the body.

Snowcaps Whitening Glutathione is available at leading drug store. You may also visit their FB Page, Snowskinwhitening

It's fun watching Aldub Maiden love affair bringing the traditional Filipino courting. I hope they would continue inspiring especially the young generation. It's great to know how Alden Richards take care of his body. What do you think of Aldub? Are you a fan of this famous love team?


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