Test 4D For Vitamin D at Biobalance Institute

It's not a surprise anymore when I found out I have Vitamin D deficiency? First of all, I don't take any supplement except for the Organique Acai Berry I've been drinking for almost two months now. Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. But with the climate change, I can't stand extreme heat anymore. I go out everyday but not without sunscreen and umbrella. Rent-a-car just waiting outside the gate. So it wasn't a surprise anymore to find out deficiency through Test 4D Vitamin D at Biobalance Institute.

Test 4D For Vitamin D at Biobalance Institute
Test 4D For Vitamin D at Biobalance Institute
Sometime last week, i visited a pretty nice wellness center in Soho Central along Shaw boulevard. A wellness doctor, Dr. Stanley Chua discussed about Vitamin D deficiency. He presented factors that causes Vitamin D and the effect on our body. Of course, like any other important vitamins, it could lead to other diseases like Diabetes, heart problems etc.

Biobalance Institute Soho Central
Biobalance Institute Soho Central

How To Treat Vitamin D deficiency:

1. Proper exposure to sunlight. Proper means not wearing sunblock, remove clothing and exposure at least 15 minutes every morning and at noon time. It's better wearing two-piece so that the whole body can absorb Vitamin D.
2. Eat food rich in vitamin D like green leafy vegetable, salmon, fatty fish, milk, orange and some brands of orange juice.
3. Eat variety, well-balance meal.

How To Treat Vitamin D deficiency


Biobalance Institure tested our Vitamin D blood levels. The doctor advised going out specially in the morning and at noon. He also prescribed me with 4,000 IU Vitamin D to be taken for two months. Apart from Vitamin D blood levels, Biobalance Institute do tests Nutrient and Metabolic, even Gastro-intestinal testing, toxic elements and allergy profiles. Their clinic don't have that hospital and usual clinic set-up and ambiance. This spacious with tidy rooms for consultation and testing is overall called wellness center lead by a wellness doctors. Clients can also purchase supplements and other special products.

Test 4D Rapid One Step Qualitative Detection of Vitamin D
Test 4D Rapid One Step Qualitative Detection of Vitamin D.
Result is like pregnancy test, two lines reveals positive result which means (positive for Vitamin D deficiency)
Test 4D is done with just a prick of a needle. Result after 10 minutes.
Dr. Stanley Chua, wellness doctor at Biobalance Institute
Dr. Stanley Chua, wellness doctor at Biobalance Institute

3rd Floor Sojo Central, 748 Shaw Boulevard Greenfield District, 
Mandaluyong City 1550, Philippines Tel. No. +632 650 4858
Mobile No. +63917 521 4860

Biobalance Vitamins
Biobalance Vitamins

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