Comfort And Sexiness In Every Triumph Sports Bra

Some says, a woman's personality is revealed in what type of Lingerie she wears. Do you agree? Undergarments are really expensive so it's a must that we should choose those that provides comfort. What I usually look for in undergarments are comfort, secure and sexy. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to learn more about Triumph's Sports Bra collection. Just before the body combat session, Triumph ladies get our sizes and allowed us to choose from the four designs.

Comfort And Sexiness In Every Triumph Sports Bra

Triumph's Sports Bra Collection is tailored for active women, those who are in sports. The collection comes in three types - low, medium and high impact sports bra. It comes in four (4) lovely designs that are all sexy and soft to touch. Triumph Sports Bra Collection are made of breathable fabric.

sexy, thicker razorback design
I had few concerns when choosing brassieres. First of all, sizes and fit differs from one brand to another. There were times I just order for my size and will found out it's too fit or lose. So it's a must to try every item before purchasing. 

At Triumph event, I was given the Low Impact Triumph Sports Bra in grey. It can be used in daily physical activities like walking, running and regular exercises. I can even wear under casual outfits. I love how it provided ultimate comfort while doing the workout. Even if I run, jump, stretch my hands, twist Triumph Sports Bra stay in place unlike other sports bra I keep on readjusting and it simply don't feel comfortable. 

Triumph's Low Impact Sports Bra

Low Impact Sports Bra comes in two razorback styles. One is designed with a flattering low cut front and a thicker razorback, which comes in white and dark grey. The other design comes with higher neckline for additional support and coverage with a thinner razorback. These two bras are recommended for Yoga, basic floor exercises and Pilates.

Medium Impact Sports Bra is recommended for jogging, cycling, cross training and body combat. It comes in striped design in bright red, cyan and black. With a higher front to ensure that you don't need to worry about readjusting. It has a thicker mesh razorback to make sure our back receives adequate support and improve posture.

Triumph's Medium Impact Sports Br

High Impact Sports Bra is recommended for sports like volleyball, football, basketball, step aerobics, and Zumba. It's available in colors red, cyan, teal and black. High Impact provides maximum support so no need to worry about underwear malfunctions.

with Amy Ahomiro wearing High Impact Sports Bra, yours truly wearing the Triumph's Low Impact at Fitness First Platinum SM Aura

Ladies, what do you think of the Triumph's Sports Bra Collection? Get yours now at your favorite Triumph branches and leading department stores in the Philippines. Special thanks to ARC PR for inviting me.


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