Adventures In Tutuban Center

The Christmas rush and city traffic did not stopped me attending the #TCPaskongSulit hosted by Tutuban Center and Orion Hotel. From EDSA Shangri La Plaza, our friends from AMPR fetched us and together we braved the heavy traffic along Shaw Boulevard. We arrived in Tutuban Center greeted by friendly staff of Orion Hotel, Orion Cafe which is located inside the Tutuban mall.

Shopping at Tutuban Night Market
My Christmas haul at Tutuban Night Market

The activity includes scouting for the best Christmas gift we can find at Tutuban night market. Prior to that, we spent some time in our respective hotel rooms. Hubby and I were given the standard room with queen size bed at Orion Hotel (full review up next).

The #TCPaskongSulit challenge started around 8pm. Ahead of us were three challenges, first was to shop for the best yet affordable Christmas gifts for our loved ones with a budget of Php 500. Second challenge was to ride the flying fiesta at the Tutuban Carnival.  Third challenge was to eat one-day-old chicken. We will be judged according to completion of tasks and best photo uploaded on Instagram (see my entries here and follow me on IG. 

It was my first time to join the Tutuban Challenge, I've heard there were several in the past. The idea of budget shopping sounds fun to me. When timer started (and we were given 1.5 hours to finish) we ran and started looking for the best Christmas present. 

Here's my 1st batch of Christmas gifts for my niece and nephews.

Next, I found this pretty, eco-friendly, abaca lampshade for only Php100.

abaca lampshade at Tutuban Center
abaca lampshade
Coloring activities on tablets and smartphones are top downloadable apps lately. I am also a fan of Colorfy on iPad and I'm glad to see coloring booklets for only Php35.

Time checked, we still have an hour to do the flying fiesta ride and street food challenge. We found out it's going to be a long walk going to the carnival. 

We immediately pay entrance fee at Php10 and Php40 for the flying fiesta. The ride operator still fill up vacant seats when we arrived. Hubby immediately grabbed my hands and brought me inside. I was nervous. Well, I thought I couldn't make it. I wanted to go down, scream to stop the ride but hubby told me to close my eyes. The ride was fast, really fast yet I heard people laughing and screaming to excitement. They seemed to enjoy the flying fiesta so I focused on the ride and forget about my fear. Atlast, it was over. I survived up and down, fast flying fiesta.

After the extreme adventure, we went to look for Pinoy street food one-day-old. The kiosks were located near the Tutuban giant Christmas Tree. They sell it at Php20/stick with three pieces chicken. When I entered college and took up Nursing, I stopped eating any type of street food even if I want. Even if I find fish balls delicious.

From the very start, I told myself I would probably skip the flying fiesta and food strip challenges but hubby was with me. He's adventurous and very competitive. There's nothing too hard to do if we're together.

One-day-old chicken taste just like ordinary chicken. It was cooked deep fried and served with spicy vinegar sauce. It was good but will eat it just for the challenge, lol! Guess, I'm not really adventurous when it comes to food. However, I like kwek-kwek (egg coated with flour and colored orange). By 9:30 pm, we're back at the giant tree. The next thing to do is post a flatlay photo of our shopping finds.

Orion Hotel in Tutuban Center

Good Morning from Orion-Hotel-Staycation-in-Manila

Overall, it was a fun and great experience shopping, carnival rides and eating one-day-old for the first time. The most challenging part for me are the last two activities. You know me, I can only ride the carousel and bumper car, lol. The rest of the evening was spent in our hotel rooms. We watched Home Alone the movie, very timely for Christmas. Thanks to Orion hotel and Tutuban Center for hosting the Adventures in Tutuban


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