Summer Tips: Gadget Travel Essentials

Summer is coming! It excites me even if we have no plans yet where to go or what to do. All I know it's going to be a wonderful summer time, I claim it! What are the things we must include in our next summer getaway? To keep those moments, we should have at least a nice camera. It could be a smartphone, digital camera or a DSLR, your choice. What else do we have to bring. Here are some of the latest gadget accessories I find very useful when going on a trip.

Summer Tips: Gadget Travel Essentials
Photo: Discovery Shores Boracay
Photo Credits: SeatsForTwo

1. Underwater Camera

We don't want to miss those breath taking underwater view - corals, fish, turtles etc. I personally love taking videos. It's much easier than still shots. My hands got hold of this Cherry Action Camera sometime in December. I played with it during our holiday vacation at Intercontinental Hotel. It's pretty good and cheaper compared to other action cameras in the market today. The package comes with extra cover in pink, yellow, and blue. You would want to change it often depending on your mood then go ahead. It also comes with a selfie stick but it's not durable read further and find out my recommended selfie stick for action cams and smartphones.

When it comes to functionality, it's easy to use and the battery life last several hours depending on the usage. Battery charging is fast, it fully charged in two hours. Sample photos here.

Cherry Mobile Action Cam

Cherry Mobile Action Camera Specs:
170 degrees HD Wide angle lens
12 MP Camera
1080p & 720p video recording
microphone and loudspeaker
built-in monitor
WiFi Connectivity
Works on iOS and Android phones
SRP Php 3,999

2. Function Batt Pak

Many of us can't leave the house without a smartphone. With that we would need a good and reliable battery pack. Function Batt Pak is a cute sort of mini backpack that comes with battery pack, several pockets for earphones, credit card or extra cash and smartphone holder (just the small phone though). I like how FUNCTIONal it is, easy to carry and small which fits a ladies handbag, You can also store it in your luggage's pocket.

The size of battery is comparable to a pressed powder. It's lightweight compared to the current power bank I'm using. I like that it has several pockets but won't occupy too much space on my bag.

Function Batt Pak
Function Batt Pak
Function Batt Pak

Function Batt Features:
3,000 mAh Battery
1.0 AMP Charge
4 pockets
Headphone Storage
USB cable

Function Batt Pack retails at Php 2,350 available at Digital Walker and Beyond The Box stores.

3. Momax Selfie Hero

Here's a lovely pink Momax Selfie Hero adjustable up to 70 cm. Because it's collapsible, handy and lightweight, I can bring it anywhere even inside my small handbag. It comes with carrying case, hand strap, removable clip, a shutter that you can connect to your gadget via Bluetooth. Another thing I like about this Momax selfie stick is that it has adjustable lock and perfectly fit in my devices.

Momax Selfie Hero
Momax Selfie Hero
Momax Selfie Hero
Momax Selfie Hero
In addition, you can also connect this stand and use it just like any other camera stand. So the next time no one takes your OOTD photo, this Momax Selfie Hero will surely save the day.

Momax Selfie Hero 70cm SRP Php1,750 available at Digital Walker, Beyond The Box stores.

4. Fuse Chicken Titan Loop for iPhone

There were a lot of protection case for iPhone. Some are even gorgeous and comes in different designs. On the other hand, finding a cable for iPhone is quite hard. Well, here's the answer to the problem. Fuse Chicken's Titan Loop is a charge cable you can bring when going out of town. It's made of industrial grade steel covering so you know it's durable and tough. One of its greatest feature is being so flexible you can throw it inside your bag. Unfortunately, Titan is made for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Fuse Chicken Titan Loop
Fuse Chicken Titan Loop

Fuse Chicken Titan Loop retails at Php1,650 available at Digital Walker, Beyond The Box.

There goes my summer gadget travel essentials. The next thing to do is plan and choose our summer destination. Just remember when traveling, the less items you bring the better. I've been suffering from back pains lately maybe because of carrying heavy bags and too many gadget accessories. It helps when you choose the right accessories that works for you. Don't bring too many smartphones, laptops and tables at the same time. Finally, enjoy the vacation once in a while. Summer comes once in a year, we wouldn't want to miss every second of it.


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