YiLinker: Linking Business To Shoppers

On my recent post, I shared my happy experiences shopping online. I did Christmas shopping from both local and online stores from other countries and compared my experiences. So far, both were great, fast, and convenient.
If Kango Express ship items from US and UK to the Philippines. YiLinker, a new player in the e-commerce business promises to help local brands promote their business. With the tag line "all in one place", it's marketplace for Filipino online sellers and shopaholics. Whether you're a stay-at-home moms or dad, student or employee or someone who loves spending most of the time in front of the computer and smartphone, YiLinker helps you earn extra income by becoming an YiLinker affiliate. The company helps you run your own e-commerce business without investing money as a capital.

YiLinker: Linking Business To Shoppers
YiLinker: Linking Business To Shoppers
To shop at YiLinker, simply register at their website then choose from hundreds of items. There's a category so can easily find what you're looking for, let say home appliances. When you're done, proceed with payment. YiLinker accepts credit card and cash on delivery mode of payments. You will be notified when purchase was successful including the list of items on your cart. Products can be monitored if these are "on going" or already delivered. The portal also provides the seller's contact number. Customers can leave a feedback after the items are delivered.

I did a quick Christmas shopping online via the YiLinker website on December 28. Although they have limited items on home decorbed and bath, you would find a lot on the home appliances and gadget section. I bought a brand new Eureka washing machine 7.8 kg which arrived four days after placing the order. This washing machine arrived on January 1, New Year's day to be exact.

YiLinker Portal or Dashboard
YiLinker Portal or Dashboard
YiLinker Transaction Details
YiLinker Transaction Details
This pretty white and blue stripes ladies handbag was also on sale, from Php 400+, I got it at Php 200+. I'm still waiting for two more items though, a computer table and an Imarflex turbo broiler.

The very first item that arrived 2 days after placing my orders. Ladies Handbag from Abubot Atbp. On sale at Php 200+ from its original price of P500+
Eureka Washing Machine 7.8 kg Php 3,000+
YiLinker provides 24/7 customer support for concerns on returns, replacements, and refunds. I've been waiting for the computer table and Imarflex Turbo broiler I bought few days before the New Year's day. I'm glad that this morning, YiLinker customer service called and informed me that the computer table will be arriving anytime soon. Meanwhile, mom is excited to use her new washing machine. Thank you YiLinker for the smooth, online shopping experience. Start your YiLinker shopping and selling experience by logging at yilinker.com

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