Women's Health In Focus

Stress is proven to cause a lot of sickness. That's why I learning ways how to handle stress. If you follow this blog, you would notice I'm doing yoga, sometimes I would go jogging with my husband. As much as possible, I incorporate healthy, organic food on our meals. I am also learning to listen to body signals - when I have to stop from work and needed time for myself. You see, we have a regular post that talks about #MeTime. I know how busy you are. But no matter how busy, we should give time and include in the budget a certain amount for medical and wellness. It could mean going to the spa once in a while, or having a foot spa. Me Time could also going out with friends or siblings. It's wellness for the mind and spirit. If possible, I use organic skin care products. Currently, I'm using an organic shampoo as well. When sick, I allow natural healing to body pains and discomfort through proper diet, rest and enough sleep.

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Women's Health In Focus

1. Get enough rest and Sleep
2. Eat healthy, preferably vegetable and fish. Have soft diet if you're experiencing sore throat, cough and colds.
3. Increase fluid intake and I mean drink more water. Lemon water is great for hydration.
4. Have fruits every meals. vitamin C boosts immune system.
5. Open the windows for fresh air. 
6. Learn to do proper breathing exercises - inhale and exhale. It prevents from developing pneumonia and other complications.
7. Visit your family doctor if symptoms persists.

When it comes to medication, I would always go for the ones that are tested and proven effective for many years. Unilab's Biogesic is one of them. Every time my husband would get sick, he only wants Biogesic, no other medication. It's non-irritating to the tummy. It's available over the counter at a very reasonable price. I always get them at Watsons, 10 tabs per pack.

Us, women should be healthy so that we can take care of our families. Ladies, what are your family health practices at home? How do you spend #MeTime?


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