TARA: Theft Alarm on Your Smartphones

Smartphones are not just an ordinary gadget. It's a powerful tool that we can use not only for communicating but most especially during emergency situations. Smartphones makes life easier. More than sending SMS and calls, plotting our schedule, capturing memories and storing these over time. Smartphones can even check and monitor health statuses from heart rate to the number of calories you intake. I can work at home or anywhere with my smartphone and stable internet connection. I admit, it's one of the necessities in my life today because it makes life easier. I can do other things that truly matters.

Theft Alarm and Recovery Application
Theft Alarm and Recovery Application

Hubby lost an Acer smartphone a couple of months ago. We were thinking if it was left at the hotel room or someone intentionally took it while we were dining in a coffee shop. We remained grateful that it was only a phone that was lost but as a human being we can't help but feel frustrated when something was lost and taken intentionally. But we were just worried of stored information, contact details, photos we have to use for blogging kept in every gadget we use. How we wish there's a way to immediately erase all stored information, locate perhaps your device or totally block and lock it so that it will be of no use to anyone. But my darling husband would react and say, "sayang naman di magagamit ng nakapulot". 

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I learned about TARA, it's a mobile app that can lock, locate and even wipe a smartphone by texting certain keywords using another phone even if it has no TARA. It's a TelCo application Service that works without internet, load, data or charges to your plan. 

TARA is available for Sun and Smart Subscribers, soon on Globe
TARA is available for Sun and Smart Subscribers, soon on Globe
How it works? Let say you lost your phone and wanted to know where it is. You can LOCATE by sending a code with your mobile number and PIN. Lost phone can be locked by texting LOCK [mobile number] [Your PIN and send to 5161. Sending this is free of charge. However, subscription to TARA is required and with minimal fee of  Php15 for 1-week protection, Php50 for 1-month protection and Php500 for 1-year protection. 

If there's lock, of course you can unlock the phone as well and use it again. Take note that the phone will continue to ALARM LOUDLY until unlock. So imagine how terrified the thieves if your phone suddenly alarm.

TARA: Theft Alarm on Your Smartphones
TARA: Theft Alarm on Your Smartphones
TARA was developed by Engr. Jun Lozada, president and CEO of Galileo Software Services Inc. TARA stands for Theft Alarm and Recovery Application. This mobile app is now available on all Android phones. It's only 7MB so you don't have to worry about phone's memory. TARA is currently available for Smart, Sun, and TNT subscribers.

I hope with TARA we can easily locate or locked our stolen mobile phones. What do you think of this anti-theft mobile app?


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