Empowering Women And Their Families With Coca-Cola

Asked how she raised four kids and how she was able to send them to school. Imagine how this simple carinderia has become a favorite dining place of many commuters passing by Liloan. 

I met aling Flora, a 68 years old Cebuana. She's a widow with four kids and owns a small sari-sari store/carinderia along the highway. Even though she hardly speaks Tagalog and English, her touch and laughter were more than enough to say how much she appreciate my short visit in her store. Our quick chat reminds me the values of humility and perseverance. She was very hospitable and motherly. 

Taste The Feeling: Coca Cola Helping Communities
Taste The Feeling: Coca Cola Helping Communities
Aling Flora started her makeshift carinderia thirty years ago serving breakfast to dinner. Many of her customers are now professionals. Some doctors, others lawyers and engineers. The love she gives her customers and the lutong bahay she prepares everyday makes customers keep coming back. Aside from her loyal customers, there are things that has been part of Aling Flora's success. She sells Coca-Cola products 4-5 boxes per day on regular days; 40-50 cases/week during summer time and holidays.

Flora Carinderia selling Coke and other Coca Cola products for more than 35 years.
Flora Carinderia selling Coke and other Coca Cola products for more than 35 years. This small carinderia witnessed a lot of road improvements over the years.
Coke Empowers Women
the young looking Aling Flora waving to us as we leave her store

Plant Tour at Coca Cola FEMSA Cebu

Coca Cola FEMSA Philippines currently has four (4) distribution centers. One is in Cebu City where I got to visit a week ago. Coca Cola FEMSA's Cebu Region commercial operations employs over 460 associates and serves around 42,000 retail (that means sari-sari store, carinderia) establishments. If you do some mathematics, how many bottles are made to supply 42,000 retail establishments alone?

The Journey Of A Bottle

Coca Cola FEMSA Cebu plant has been operational for 75 years now. It was the first plant to open outside of Manila. Coca Cola follows safety procedures to prevent accident and health hazards. Before the tour, our group listened to a short introduction about the company. We were provided with proper gear before entering the production - bump caps, safety shoes, eyeglass protector, mask and high visibility vest.

Coca Cola FEMSA Cebu
Coca Cola FEMSA Cebu
It starts with the BOTTLING process where raw materials are being prepared including its ingredients. These bottles passed by a special machine for cleaning and sanitation. Every bottle are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and filled with CokeRoyalSprite or Sparkle. Coca Cola FEMSA uses state-of-the-art machines making sure the beverages are not touched to avoid contamination. Every bottle must pass by strict quality control measures.

Coca Cola FEMSA Plant Tour Cebu
with MJ De Leon
Coca Cola FEMSA Plant Tour Cebu
with Meg of Bridges PR
Royal Tru-Orange
Coca Cola FEMSA Plant Tour Cebu

Coca Cola FEMSA Plant Tour Cebu

Coca Cola FEMSA Plant Tour Cebu
Finished products in crates and boxes
Boxes of Coca-Cola products will be delivered in the Distribution Centers and then to different communities.
Coca-Cola has wide variety of beverages. There's juices and bottled water. I remember my aunt would buy only Wilkins for her baby.
We were thinking what's the secret ingredient of coke. Coca-Cola revealed the beverages are mainly compose of water, sweeteners and natural flavors. The company also uses Philippine sugar imported from different provinces. But what's the real secret ingredient of Coke? LOVE is the secret ingredient because it was made through the efforts, dedication and hard work of every individual. From the production to distribution centers down to sari-sari stores and food outlets. Aling Flora shares the same passion and love in serving her customers everyday.

The Taste of Freshly Made Coke

Wonder what's the taste of freshly-made Coke? We love the sound of the fizz every time we open a bottle or can of Coca-Cola. It's so magical. We were given a bottle of Coke freshly taken from the conveyor. Actually, it has the same taste and flavor like those we get from the store. For me, it's the fizz that makes the difference. In addition, I find Coca-Cola in glass bottles the best compared to those in plastic bottles. We also discovered that freshly made Coca-Cola products never stay long even days in the manufacturing and distribution centers. In fact, the machine makes 600 coke bottles every minute and the demand for Coke and other beverages are high especially in summer time and holidays.

Coke Taste The Feeling
Coke #TasteTheFeeling
Coca-Cola is transforming communities by empowering women and helping them in their small businesses. Parents were able to send their children to school. Even Coca-Cola employees have their own stories of success. These will in turn bring more opportunities to the development of the community.

"It is seeing success stories such as these that push us to keep improving every day. Their success is our success, and we want them to support every step of the way" said Juan Dominguez, Corporate Affairs Director for Coca-Cola FEMSA Asia Divison. 

The journey of a bottle maybe long and tedious. Like other giants, Coca Cola company experienced its ups and downs yet remains the world's largest beverage company. Coca Cola promises to continue leading the way to empower women and their families.

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