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Everyday we make decisions. From small things like what to wear, where to eat, to big and serious matters. What's the biggest decision you've ever made? Perhaps moving to another country or leaving your family to work abroad? For students, maybe, what course to take up in college. Sometimes, we are forced to do things because we have no choice. It's hard if you're deciding not only for yourself but for others as well. We choose the best for our love ones and our families. A very timely example of this is the upcoming election on Monday, May 9.

Grocery Shopping at Ministop
Ministop, the country's popular convenience store and Coca-Cola launched HapPinas, a campaign that supports Filipinos in making choices towards a happy and fulfilled nation. HapPinas promotes happier everyday lives through a wide array of affordable Ready-to-Eat (RTE) combo meals. HapPinas is about making the right lifestyle choices through good food. I love Ministop's Kariman and sundae cone. Kariman used to be my favorite baon during college because it's filling and affordable. In my recent visit at Ministop We can choose from satisfyingly delicious and affordable HapPinas combos ranging from quick bites to full meals. Every meal comes with a Coca-Cola drink.


For snacks, there's Jumbo Siopao and Minute Maid combo for only P45, and the Hotdog Sandwich and Minute Maid combo for P37. Meanwhile, Ministop’s famous Uncle John’s Fried Chicken is a good choices under HapPinas meals. Uncle John’s Fried Chicken meal comes with a 500ml Coke, both for only P89 and P129, respectively. A bucket of 6 of Uncle John’s Fried Chicken is sold at P295, automatically comes with a 1.5L Coke bottle. For the bucket of 10 (P465) comes with a free eco bag on top of the 1.5L Coke.


There's more choices at Ministop. Have you tried the new Chicken Schnitzel, crunchy chicken breast filled with tasty cheese and chives sauce? For this summer, Cloud 9 Chills will definitely cool you down. My favorite is the Strawberry Cheesecake soft serve. Looking for more dessert? I suggest you try their yummy leche flan for only P29.


Ministop Sundae
Cloud 9 Chillz
In my recent speech to a group of scholars of the PAFCPIC, I said "life is a choice. You are what you are because of your choices and decisions in life. So make the most out of it and grab the opportunities that come your way. Each day means everything is possible again. Seize the day!"

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