The best treatment for Headache

I had a terrible headache three weeks ago which lasted about two weeks. Every morning I would wake up feeling tired starting with a mild headache on the right temporal head (the area we call sintido). There are days, the pain would start on my right shoulder going to the back of my head.

Causes of Headache

I don't want to think that the headache was caused by the additional work load or change in sleep pattern. I bet it could be due to long hours staring in the computer.

Forest Park Bukidnon
Forest Park Bukidnon

About three weeks ago, I noticed a rep spot (subconjunctival hemorrhage) I'm sure it's fresh blood on the lower lid of my right eye. Terror was the first thing I felt. Suddenly I remember my husband, I thought of calling him but I did not instead I prayed for healing. In front of my computer I slightly closed my eyes and again prayed. My office mates noticed my eyes. I told her, I had a headache and will seek medical advice the next day.

I did as planned went to the doctor. I'm glad to have Medicard which entitled me for free medical check up. The doctor prescribed pain reliever Arcoxia and muscle relaxant Myonal for some discomfort, stiff neck that radiates from the right shoulder going to the nape and back of my head. I did checked my blood pressure and it was within the normal limits. So I knew it was not hypertension. Guess what's the initial diagnosis? It was the six letter word stress.

Signs and Symptoms of STRESS

I still remember our Pathophysiology class, it was the very first topic in that toxic class. The fight and flight mode. Stress remains the culprit of all diseases and illnesses. With that in mind, I started to examine myself. Am I unconsciously experiencing stress? and I realized yes, maybe. So I don't want to waste more time, immediately get rid all the things that troubles me.

How to deal with STRESS
  1. List down priorities. Say NO to things I cannot attend.
  2. Know and Follow priorities
  3. Listen to what my body signals. If I'm tired then I have to rest. I also eat on time and drink lots of water.
  4. Back to yoga at least once a week
  5. Pray and meditate everyday.
  6. If stressed, let go of the things I have no control.
  7. Get away from negative and difficult people. I don't have to explain myself. No need to exert effort to please others.
  8. Work and play. Sunday is church day for us and we stick to our schedule especially in the morning then lunch and coffee in the afternoon with husband. 
  9. Time with the family. Visit a friend and relative once in a while.
  10. Take vitamins although I don't really drink any supplements religiously aside from the New Organique Acai Berry I bought from Mercury Drug, my husband and I consume every morning. It costs Php 2,500 per bottle.

Treating Headache Without Medication

You can't believe, the headache was immediately resolved in two days of enough rest. I became more conscious of my workload and disposition in life. I did not take the medicine prescribed to me, not because I don't believe in the capabilities of my doctor, I even took time to see her. She also advised to take life slowly and avoid stress. So here I am happy without the headache. Sayang the 15 tablets of Myonal and 1 week prescription of Arcoxia but it was a decision I made. I'm glad to be back to work and learned to manage my life better. I only apply essential oils or topical oils such as Oleia which the Beauty Biz Bliss Ginger, Martine and Frances gave me. Pocket size and handy, I always bring it wherever I go.

I still have a lot to learn, a long list of stories to post and share, clutter that needs to organize but my priority now is health and family.

At Salvatore Cuomo in BGC
At Salvatore Cuomo in BGC

I hope this story inspire or reminds you that maybe the body aches you're experiencing right now is a sign of STRESS. You should know how to fight stress before it could lead to a more serious illness and diseases. Happy Sunday!


  1. these symptoms worse. Also, eating certain types of cheese or other foods that may cause inflammation can cause these types of headaches.

    CBD & Headaches

    1. Thanks for the advise! I agree with you, certain food can cause headache.


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